Places to visit in monsoon in India

If you are interested in traveling but prefer doing so in seasons other than summer or spring – then one of the best places to visit would be India. It has vast land with three distinct seasons – Summer, monsoons and winter. The country offers different places for each of these seasons. However, it is monsoons that are unique and you will find that it is best enjoyed in India.

A lot of people ask about how to travel in India during the Monsoons. Is it not difficult? Or inconvenient? Would we end up being indoors most of the time? Frankly, it is not difficult to travel in monsoons – irrespective of whether you are a solo traveller or a first-time traveler. There are specific destinations that are best visited in the season. You can in fact take Indigo airlines to reach there and enjoy the best of nature during the season. Here is my list of recommendations of the best places to visit in monsoon in India. So, here we go!

Best monsoons destinations in India


Weekend Getaway from Mumbai - Lonavala
Weekend Getaway from Mumbai – Lonavala

Lonavala is one the most attractive places when it comes to landscapes in India – especially in the monsoon season. Here you are treated to miles of lush green landscapes. The tiger’s leap is one of the main attractions in Lonavala, which is 90 km away from Mumbai airport. Be prepared to travel there after landing. While it might seem exhausting, upon your arrival to Lonavala – you will find that it is all worth it – especially when you try the special masala tea and savouries after reaching there.

People usually hike towards the waterfall. The view of the gushing waters is absolutely refreshing. Pack your meals and plan a picnic at this viewpoint.


IMG 4613
Emerald Lake at Magnolia Resorts, Coorg

Coorg is such an amazing hill station nestled in a dense forest. This is a unique place because of coffee plantations on the hills. There are numerous lakes and waterfalls that further add to the beauty of Coorg. This place is around 285 km away from Bengaluru airport. Though the road trip to Coorg from Bengaluru can be long and tiring, one look at the green destination is enough to make you forget your exhaustion.

A couple of must-see places in Coorg include – Abbey falls and Raja’s seat. People usually go camping and trekking to these points.

Spiti Valley

Suraj Tal near Keylong in Spiti Valley
Suraj Tal near Keylong in Spiti Valley

Spiti valley with its snow peaks, green valleys and pristine lakes is one of the most recommended monsoon destinations in India. This place is also called little Tibet by people. The area becomes lush green and fresh after the monsoon rains. This is around 200 km away from the Bhuntar airport. Owing to the distance, it is recommended to stay in Kullu for the night and then travel to Spiti Valley.

Don’t miss trying out the noodles and momos in Spiti. These are best enjoyed in the camps while viewing the gigantic and majestic beautiful green mountains.

The Valley of Flowers National Park

Valley of flowers, Uttarkhand
Valley of flowers, Uttarkhand Credit: Pixabay

A verdant valley that gets covered by blooms of all colors during the rains. It is this that gives this place in Uttarakhand its name – the valley of flowers. The valley is home to different species of flowers and is best visited during the months of July and August..

The place is best enjoyed with a hike to peaks. This allows travelers to get a glimpse of rare sites and quaint hamlets with interesting legends. According to some scientific surveys, there are more than 300 different species of alpine plants in bright colours.

It is as far from the Dehra Dun Airport. It is best to plan a few rest days after landing in India. The hike needs a bit of preparation. Make sure that you are fully stocked with essentials like water, dry snacks and medicines. It is best to get these in Dehra Dun itself.

Jog Falls

Jog falls are the highest waterfalls in Karnataka. What makes it unique are the four incredible streams that merge together to form a thundering cascade. These streams are called Rani, Rover, Raja and Rocket. The waterfalls is enclosed by dark green forest that lends a contrasting shade to the scenic view. It is a perfect location to visit after the rain and one of the most attractive places to visit in monsoon in India.

Safety tips for travelers

It is very mesmerizing to travel to such places and most importantly in the monsoon season. However, here are some of tips for travelers. It is highly recommended that one wears hiking shoes and carries a hiking stick along with them. Most of the hilly places are steep and in the rainy season, there are high chances of slipping.

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