A Kabini Stay with Kaav Safari Lodge

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It isn’t just the proximity to Bangalore that makes me fond of Kabini. It is just that the place has treated me to some really amazing wildlife sightings (Touch Wood). So naturally, when one of the Kabini resorts – Kaav Safari Lodge extended an invitation to me, I jumped with joy.

Kaav Safari Lodge - a lovely place for your Kabini Stay

True to my belief, Kabini did not disappoint but what made it truly amazing was my Kabini stay with Kaav Safari Lodge. I could see the curiosity within you when I shared a glimpse of my Kaav stay in Kabini. Many of you have been waiting for a detailed post on it. So here goes –

About Kaav Safari Lodge – a Kabini resort

Kaav Safari Lodge - the current structure

This Kabini property is not one of those huge resorts. It is a small boutique property that is located along the periphery of Nagarhole forest. The property was inspired by a two-storeyed stilt structure that existed in the very campus. The owners took the design-forward to create the present-day boutique Kabini stay. The Kaav compound is left as rustic and natural as the surrounding forests. It is not unusual to spot butterflies of varied colors flitting around and greeting you through the day.

The Ambiance of this Kabini Stay

The outdoor sit-out at Kaav that is built around a living tree

What I loved about Kaav is its earthy, eco-friendly feel. For starters, the property still retains its rustic charm. The main building is constructed in such a manner that the original flora is not disturbed. Take for instance the sit-out above, which is built around a tree.

The Swimming Pool at Kaav Safari Lodge in Kabini

The pool was out of bounds given the current pandemic scenario. However, it served as a perfect lure for exotic birds – paradise flycatchers, sunbirds and orioles were just all happy to have a bird bath.

The common area between the four main rooms on the first floor at Kaav resort

The little common area on the first floor leads to another sit-out that faces the Nagarhole forest. While I could not spot critters from there, just sitting around to the sounds of nature was therapeutic enough.

The 2nd floor viewing balcony at Kaav

Another sighting gallery on the 2nd floor is equipped with relaxing chairs and lounge sofas. The open deck is perfect for balcony birding or just soaking in soulful jungle melodies.

Rooms at Kaav Safari Lodge

My Kabini stay at Kaav Safari Lodge

The Kabini resort offers 4 rooms and two tented accommodations. The rustic decor continues into the rooms equipped with double beds facing lovely French windows. There is no television or entertainment within the rooms – which is all well for if you have come to Kabini, you best be outdoors.

Inside one of the tents at the Kaav Safari Lodge

The tented accommodation has a bathtub set right in the center of its space. Besides that, the rest of the facilities are similar to the regular room.

Facilities and Activities offered by Kaav Safari Lodge

Some quick tea and refreshments for the early nature walkers at Kaav

If you love outdoors, you will love the activities offered by Kaav. The most impressive of them are the nature walks and the tiny safari offered by the in-house naturalist. Sujit takes you around the Kabini reservoir in the morning and showcases the colorful bird life around the forest. In the evening, he either takes you on a Tiny safari where you get to spot interesting insects and reptiles within the Kaav campus under a torchlight. His knowledge and interest is so infectious that I found myself having a new-found respect for Spiders. 😉

One of the many colorful spiders that the naturalist shows during the mini safari at Kaav

The Kabini resort offers cycles to its guest that allows them to explore the villages nearby. You can in fact cycle down to the Kabini backwaters, where Kaav has a small property. This is where they sometimes, arrange for picnics by the water. And if that is not enough, you can take one of their kayaks or coracles and embark on a water adventure yourself. Kaav is also, building a solar boat that will take its guests into the Kabini waters and explore the water life around.

Kayak and Coracle rides - some fun activities to try during your Kabini stay

While the main jungle safari and the boat safari in Kabini are not a part of the Kaav package, they have jeeps that transport their guests to the Nagarhole gates. In fact, the naturalist accompanies their guests on this journey and makes it even more informative and fun.

Food at Kaav

Simple yet delightful meals at Kaav Safari Lodge

Lip-smacking, home cooked meals is how I would describe the food at Kaav. Personally, I think that is perfect given the long hours of outdoor walks and safaris you would be undertaking in Kabini. After hours of being out, a nice warm water bath with wholesome meal is a perfect end to a Kabini day.

The meal times are mostly fixed. And the menu is fixed – but after they have taken the guest preferences into consideration. While the open kitchen and its adjoining dining space make an interesting experience, they do offer room service.

Booking a Kabini stay at Kaav Safari Lodge

Since this boutique Kabini resort has limited rooms, make sure you book the place well in advance. You can do so by either going to their website directly or through one of the links in the Booking resources below. Irrespective of the option you choose, make sure you reconfirm your booking with the resort by calling them up.

On the whole, Kaav is perfect for couples and families looking to spend some quality time outdoors. And with the informative naturalists and staff at Kaav, you are bound to have an amazing Kabini experience. Pin this up and plan your stay. And wait…hang in there for my Kabini tales.

How to get to Kabini?

Kabini is a 5 hour drive from Bangalore via Mysore. Hiring a private cab is the best way to reach your resort. Another option would be to take a bus from Bangalore to Mysore and then hire a private cab from the bus terminal to Kabini.

The closest airport would be Mysore but it has very limited flights. It is better to land in Bangalore and take a bus, cab or a train to Mysore.

Booking resources

  • You can book your stay at Kaav Safari Lodge using Booking.com
  • Tripadvisor also, offers booking for Kaav through its various partners. You can use this link to book yours.
  • If you are looking for private cabs between Bangalore and Kabini, Klook.com has a few options. Use this link to book your cab online. 
  • For any of your travel-related accessories or needs from Amazon, do use this link to get to the website or the app and buy yours. 
Disclaimer: This article includes affiliate links. This means that at no cost to you, I will receive a small commission if you purchase through my link. Thank you for supporting me with this.

P.S: Though I was invited by Kaav Safari Lodge for this trip, the opinions expressed in this post are truly and honestly my own. 


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