Secrets of the Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur

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If you recall my post on Amer fort, I mentioned spotting another fort – the Jaigarh Fort, from the main palace. You may also, recall that one of the incomplete things of my tour of Amber Fort was the fact that I could not explore the secret passage that connected it to Jaigarh Fort. That however, does not mean that I did not see Jaigarh Fort. 🙂

Jaigarh Fort as seen from Amer Fort
Jaigarh Fort as seen from Amer Fort

My story starts with our exit of Amer Fort, from where we headed up to the Cheel ka Teela (Hill of Eagles) to visit the most strategic of Jaipur Forts – the Jaigarh Fort. This fort was made in the 1700s by Maharaja Jai Singh II – as a fort to protect the main Amer palace and the town below it. Later, during the times of Emperor Shah Jahan, this fort functioned as a cannon foundry. Compared to the Amer Fort, this fort is quite basic. It has none of the ostentatious buildings of Amer Fort but is more strategic. The Fort was closed to the public until a few years ago and hence, not much is explored.

It has its own share of interesting locations and tales – from narrow, winding passages to lost treasures, all waiting to be discovered. Almost every nook and corner of this fort felt like a secret and I am sharing these secrets through my 10 highlights of Jaigarh Fort.

1) The unending walls of Jaigarh Fort

Red walls of Jaigarh Fort
Red walls of Jaigarh Fort

The one thing that you can see from anywhere in Amer, are the huge red walls of Jaigarh Fort. Mind you, I had not yet seen Kumbhalgarh Fort and hence, with no comparison in mind, these walls seemed endless. We were told by the guard that they were just 3 kms long, but they sure seemed more. The bright red color distinguished them from what we saw at Amer fort. I personally, loved exploring the turrets, climbing up the small open stairs to see what was below and basically, just walking along the perimeter of the fort.

Walls of Jaigarh Fort
Walls of Jaigarh Fort
Red walls of Jaigarh Fort
Red walls of Jaigarh Fort

2) Jaivana – World’s largest cannon on wheels

Jaivana - The world's largest Cannon on wheels at Jaigarh Fort
Jaivana – The world’s largest Cannon on wheels at Jaigarh Fort

The one thing that you read about Jaigarh Fort is that it is home to the World’s largest Cannon on Wheels. Known as Jaivana, this was built in the cannon foundry at the Fort itself. I don’t think my photos do any justice to the huge size of this cannon.

Now, here is the funny part – as huge as this thing was, it was never used in a battle! The only time it was fired was for a test, when the cannon ball traveled 35 kms. WOAH!

3) The Mysterious water tank at Jaigarh Fort

Water Tank at Jaigarh Fort
Water Tank at Jaigarh Fort

Please note the use of the adjective – Mysterious. At the first glimpse, this huge water tank seems quite ordinary. Ok – so it was huge, it has a rainwater harvesting facility, could store up to 6 million gallons of water, had three levels, but then, so what? I chose this particular adjective – Mysterious, for the story associated with it.  This story is one of the main reasons why this fort was not opened to the public until a few years back.

It is rumored that the Kachwaha dynasty used it to store its treasures! They say that there were chambers below the tank where the loot from a successful siege by Maharaja Man Singh was hidden.

The steps leading to the underground levels of the tank at Jaigarh Fort
The steps leading to the underground levels of the tank at Jaigarh Fort

The rumor was so strong that in 1977, during the emergency declared by the Former Prime Minister of India – Indira Gandhi, a raid was organized to find it. The Maharani at that time – Gayatri Devi had objected to it. However, the same were overruled by her arch rival Indira Gandhi and in fact, army troops were sent to the fort to recover the treasure. After days of search (some say 3 months), nothing was found and the search was called off. During the retreat of the troops, for three days, the Delhi – Jaipur Highway was closed.

Some say that there were military trucks plying between the fort and the PM’s residence in Delhi and a question was raised on whether the same carried the treasure straight to the PM’s house. However, there is no answer to that. Whether there was a treasure, or none or was it recovered – no one knows. The story of the water tank remains an unsolved mystery.

4) Laxmi Vilas

War Drums at Subhat Niwas , Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur
War Drums at Subhat Niwas , Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur

Once you are done with the water tank, you can head straight to the small palace area. The first thing that you encounter is a huge parade ground called Subhat Niwas. This is where the army used to gather. Here you can view these huge War drums.

Laxmi Vilas at Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur
Laxmi Vilas at Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur

From here, you move further to the royal drawing-room of the King or the Laxmi Vilas. The pleasant wall paintings and the nice flooring make it obvious that this was an area for important meetings and relaxation. You cannot really enter any of the rooms, but from the outside, they do seem royal enough.

5) Lalit Mandir

This was the summer palace of the King at Jaigarh Fort. Though it has one higher floor, you can only browse through the ground floor. They say that the royal bedrooms were on the higher floor.

On the ground floor, there is a small theatre area which served as a royal entertainment area for music and drama. This is where you are now treated to a puppet show. You can even buy some of these puppets as a memorabilia.

Puppets on sale at Lalit Mandir, Jaigarh Fort
Puppets on sale at Lalit Mandir, Jaigarh Fort
Recreated dining room at Jaigarh Fort
Recreated dining room at Jaigarh Fort

You will also, find some recreated scenes of how the dining and kitchen areas looked back then. There are separate ones for men and women. You cannot unfortunately, walk through these rooms and have to make do by viewing them through the holes of  a grill and glass windows.

6) Vilas Mandir

Me at the Vilas Mandir, Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur
Me at the Vilas Mandir, Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur

This is the Zenana or the ladies area with lattice windows and jharokas. I have to say, this was literally – the coolest area of the fort. There was so much wind blowing through these windows that made the passages and the halls here so pleasant. Through these windows, you could see the entire Amer Fort. Though this area was not as well lit as the the rest of the fort, the place was just unusually beautiful. I guess, it was the artistic presence of the lattice windows.

7) Aaram Bagh

Aaram Bagh at Jaigarh Fort, Jaipir
Aaram Bagh at Jaigarh Fort, Jaipir

The beautiful green gardens of the Jaigarh Fort were a perfect place for Aaram or rest. I was captivated with the lovely garden and their low walls, high arch gateways and spectacular views. I can quite imagine how the Royal family strolled around this garden in the evenings. Maybe the Queen even sat on those high arched gateways to view the world below.

Aaram Bagh at Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur
Aaram Bagh at Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur

8) Labyrinth of passages at Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort is full of subterranean and ground level passages. Some like my incomplete quest leading from Amer Fort to Jaigarh Fort. The others are within the Jaigarh Fort itself. The passages from one palace section to another itself, are winding and narrow. I am guessing this was to slow down the enemy. For me, it appealed to my Indiana Jones’ side. 😀

9) The Museum and Foundry

There is a small museum of war instruments and weapons. I personally, do not have a thing for armaments and hence, breezed through the same. However, there were a few unusual ones that did capture the attention of a non-arms enthusiast like me. Photography is not permitted here and hence, I have none to show you.

The foundry is another story all together. Here you can see the unfinished cannons and cannon balls. They say that the foundry was such that it sucked in the mountain air to help reach high temperatures that would melt the metal for the cannons. Goes to show the advancement in technology back in those days.

10) The stunning views from Jaigarh fort

View of Sagar Lake, Jaigarh Fort
View of Sagar Lake, Jaigarh Fort

This maybe the last highlight, but the most important one for me. This is the one I will always remember Jaigarh Fort fort. No matter where you look from, you get some spectacular views of the valley below. Like this one, where you see the Sagar lake.

Sagar Lake from Jaigarh Fort
Sagar Lake from Jaigarh Fort

Or this one from the Aram Bagh where you can see the rest of Amer town, along with their various temples. Can you spot the spires of a Jain temple?

Amer Town from Jaigarh Fort
Amer Town from Jaigarh Fort

Or of the Amer Fort from the Vilas Mandir side.

View of Amer Fort from Jaigarh Fort
View of Amer Fort from Jaigarh Fort

These views make you realize how perfectly positioned was the Jaigarh fort – a name that literally translates to “Victory Fort”. I think Jai Singh II was indeed a smart one to have built this.

I personally, loved getting lost in the narrow passages and then finding my way out to some spectacular views of the world around. For me, this fort is all about secrets – be it the passages, the spectacular views, the strategic focus or the mysterious water tank. More so, as I did not know much about the fort till I visited it. I sure would include it under one of the things to do in Jaipur. What do you think? Do you concur? Or do you have a different view?

Jaigarh Fort

Getting here:

  • On how to reach Jaipur, you can check up my earlier post. Jaigarh Fort is around 15kms from Jaipur.
  • Jaigarh Fort is around 7 kms from Amer Fort. However, to reach here, you need to hire a private vehicle or take one of the local buses.

Travel Tips:

  • Jaigarh Fort is open between 9am to 5 pm. The ticket prices for the same are INR 35 for an Indian and INR 85 for a foreigner.
  • Camera charges are separate. The guards are quite strict about these charges and keep checking on the camera tags.
  • There is loads of walking to be done. Hence, flat shoes and comfortable cotton clothes are recommended.
  • The fort has a museum shop as well as a cafeteria. There are rest rooms too, at the entrance of the fort.
  • Be careful when walking along the walls. Some of those steps are falling away and hence, exercise caution when around them.
  • The passages within the palace are quite winding and confusing. The place is not as crowded as the Amer Fort and you will find quite a few secluded spots. Hence, try to not get lost and remember to keep to the main areas. If you have kids with you, remember to keep a hold on them.
  • It is a good idea to combine this with your visit to Amer fort.




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  1. Jatin Chhabra

    Great post Ami. Plus it’s raining in Jaipur today (1st) which makes Jaigarh more magistic.

  2. BellyBytes

    Yet another great post on a historic fort. I must make another trip to Jaipur to see all the things I had missed out. I always thought that two days are enough to see a place but your travelogues have made me rethink the number of days one needs to see places.

    • Ami

      Ha ha, I was there for three days and I felt as if it were not enough 🙂 Jaipur or for that matter Rajasthan, does need a lot of time.

  3. Life360Degrees

    I am headed to Jaipur in Dec and will surely visit this fort.

  4. Arun

    The stories of the mysterious water tank and foundry, along with the stunning views from Jaigarh fort are good enough reasons for me to make a visit to this fort 🙂

  5. shanayatales

    Wow! Such stunning pics. Jaipur was not on my radar. It is now! Thank you for sharing.

  6. vishvarsha

    Such a detailed post! Mysterious place, awesome clicks – just the right amount of info. 😀
    Sad a lot of people dont even know about the place

    • Ami

      Oh people do know about it but they choose to skip it as not so important 😀 Personally, I feel it is worth the visit.

  7. The Untourists

    I am so intrigued by the palaces of Rajasthan. But I often wonder what did the common people live like? There are so many lavish palaces for kings, but did the common people like in mud huts which are no longer standing? I wonder…

    • Ami

      Interestingly there are few of these small huts and homes standing at the outskirts of Jaisalmer. They weren’t really mud, but more red stone.

  8. shwetadave09

    i love the trip details you shared along with the pictures, I too like climbing forts to unearth things so mysterious and in detail…superb Ami 🙂

  9. Dipendra Shekhawat

    Great Article. Detailed information and nice photography. I had been to the Amer Fort twice and Jaigarh 1 time. Those are amazing forts!!

  10. Grey World Nomads

    Most interesting post! Especially the part that the Kachwaha Dinasty might have used the water tank to store its treasures. Not a bad idea.

  11. neha

    Wonderful post Ami! beautiful pictures and loads of information. We are planning a Rajasthan trip this September (Jaipur and Udaipur). we want to cover Jaigarh fort , Amer fort and Jal Mahal in a day. Hope we would have sufficient time to cover both of them. I have got a few queries for you :
    1. What is the timing of the puppet show at Lalit Mandir?
    2. Is the restroom near Jaigarh fort usable (clean)? (This is a concern for us when traveling with our toddler). Are there similar facilities available at amer fort?
    3. What about food facilities around? Would it be better to carry our own?
    We are panning a full day excursion to these two stunning forts, so, need to be prepared 😀
    By the way, when we narrate our stories upon returning…we owe you a special mention…your recent Jaipur posts have been super informative for us.

    • Ami

      Thanks Neha. Amer Fort, Jaigarh and even Nahargarh can be done in a day. Jal Mahal is just enroute to the all these forts. You can just stop by to take a few pics when heading here. Time honestly, will never be enough 😀 My recommendation is to start with the biggest fort – Amer Fort. To answer your queries –
      1) The puppet show at Lalit Mandir is constantly on. There is no set timing and the guy just keeps at it after every 15 minutes.
      2) Rest rooms are so-so. All the forts have rest room facilities. Though you may have to walk around to find them as the forts are huge. If you are traveling with the toddler, be prepared for the long walks. In terms of the rest room, they are just basic.
      3) Food at Amer Fort is easily available. Plenty of restaurants. Jaigarh has one small one. It is advisable to carry some snacks, given that you have a kid with you. For the main meals, you can even head to Amer town as there are quite a few restaurants here.

      Do mail me if you need any more information. Happy to help

      • neha

        Thanks a lot Ami! It’s absolutely helpful. I am sure I will have further queries as this is our longest trip so far with the toddler and also the one that requires lots of walking around 🙂

        • Ami

          Always a first time Neha and am sure you will enjoy it, irrespective of whatever comes your way.

  12. Yunus Khimani

    Thanks Ami! This is the best I have read so far on Jaigarh. I can take you around when you visit next. There are many untold stories!

    Jaigarh Public Charitable Trust

    • Ami

      Thank you so much. Would love to know more about this fort as it was an enigma for me. I will definitely take you up on this offer the next time I am in Jaipur

  13. shubhammansingka

    This is a wonderful documentation of the lesser preferred fort of Jaipur… People mostly visit Amber & Nahargarh. I love Jaigarh fort too and end up going there when I am seeking some calm.

  14. Flavio @AdventurousTravels

    Amazing architecture. I love the reddish color of rocks that was used to be forts in India. Hope to visit it next time I’m in India! 🙂

  15. Sam Sparrow

    Wow, those red walls are just incredible – they really make the long corridors of the fort look like something magical or out of a disney movie. I loved the view from the fort – Sagar Lake looks extremely peaceful and a wonderful place just to look out upon.

    • Ami

      Yep, the view from the fort is amazing. I love the way you could spot the life in the other palace below from here.

  16. Bhushavali

    Very interesting architecture! The story of the mysterious water tank is intriguing! That Lalit Mandir reminds me of the awesome Rajasthani restaurants I’ve been to. That’s making me hungry right now!

    • Ami

      I suppose the Rajasthani restaurants were inspired by these designs :D. The fort truly is amazing.

  17. ashlynsargent

    The views from the top are my favorite too! I would have to take home one of those puppets 🙂

  18. Ariane

    What beautiful pictures!!! I love such ancient Forts that are loded with history and so rich in culture! Would love to visit Jaigarh Fort one day. Loved your post! 😉

  19. Indrani

    Jaigarh Fort… more famous for the secret operation that took place there to unearth treasure. 😀
    The Fort does look mighty till this date! I have fond memories of my visit there, all rekindled by your post.

  20. rhiydwi

    Those views are insane!!! I was in Jaipur back in September and although my visit was quite short, it’s firmly placed as one of my favourite places I’ve ever been! I really need to go back and see everything I missed, including both Jaigarh and Amer Fort. The way you’ve written this post is fantastic, I couldn’t stop reading!

    • Ami

      Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the post. Jaigarh fort is quite an interesting one as is Amer. Hope you manage to go. 🙂

  21. travelerettenyc

    Reading your posts always makes me want to go to India more and more! I wonder why that huge cannon was never used? I would love to see those amazing endless red walls. And I love buying souvenirs, so I’m sure I’d want to buy one of those puppets too!

    • Ami

      The cannon possibly, was never required after it was made. But now I also, wonder why. 🙂 The puppets are definitely a lovely memorabilia of your travels here. Hope you get here soon.

  22. thestylishtrotter

    this place is beautiful and the views are out of this world. I wish the fort was maintained better for tourists though. Alot of countries have the most beautiful sights but cannot maintain it. I mean just look at the gorgeous view!!!!! It does not look like its overly riddled with tourists which makes it better for me

    • Ami

      Thank you. I think the fort is fairly well maintained . It is not as popular as its other counterpart, simply because it was closed for a long time. However, that also, makes it easier to wander around as it is not crowded. 🙂

  23. Priyanka Singh

    Thanks Ami for making my memories refresh, I’ve a similar kind of photo’s collection from almost same angle ;). But I love the old one when at the younger age of 6 or 7 I was standing in front of Jaiban.

  24. Dev

    Jaipur look so beautiful in all descriptions. So want to see this beautiful part of india in the near future

  25. Chandra

    Wow..such a great description…We took a ride to Jaipur by bike and visited Amer fort…I could deeply understand that glorious feeling you get on looking that marvelous fort..How ever due to time constraints we could not able to visit Jaigarh fort and i regret it now after reading this article…I just imagined how these places looked like in past and it gave me goosebumps.

    • Ami

      Amer fort is amazing and huge and I can quite understand why you did not have time for Jaigarh fort. I hope you get to go there next time. Thanks for stopping by Chandra

  26. Marvi

    Funnily enough, I’ve always associated forts with prison cells, weapon rooms and such. It’s so cool to know that there are a lot more to it than that. 🙂 Interesting to know about the world’s largest cannon being stored here and not been used in battle. Guess there was no need for it during the time that the fort was still being used.

    • Ami

      The forts in India were often used as residences as well. Though this one seems to be more of a protector fort. You should visit these in India. They are truly something else and yes, bonus is that you can see the cannon. Thanks Marvi.

  27. Sherianne

    Those red walls against the blue sky are beautiful! I’m a fan of walking the walls, great tip to be careful of loose stones