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This is quite an unusual post from me – none of those tips, none of those destinations. Just a pure thought and a question for all of us as travelers  – inspired by Samsung. Last evening while browsing, I came by this video from Samsung that set me thinking in this direction. First have a look at the same –

For those of you who may not be familiar with Hindi, essentially the ad showcases how Samsung along with Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya provides free education to kids in rural areas of India. They provide the latest smart learning devices – tablets, interactive learning boards etc to each class. What is more is that they have managed to do this successfully in around  373 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, helping educate over 2 lakh students since 2013.

The more I read about this initiative by Samsung India, the more I admired them as a corporate but at the same time, it triggered a sense of unease for me as a traveler. As a corporate, if they were managing to gift back so much to the society, what were we as travelers doing?

I am not saying that we are not doing anything at all. I know of so many travelers and travel bloggers who offer volunteer services to schools that they visit as a part of a destination. Many of them are conscious about the carbon footprints. A lot of us have taken initiatives with local artisan societies that help encourage their art forms and increase their livelihood. A few of us are also, taking steps to preserving heritage sites.

Giving back to the community from a perspective of travel does not have to be as active as Samsung. Nor is it expected of a traveler. It can just be a small thing as respecting a place for what it is and preserving it for the generations that come by. I believe that this can be your first and a small step towards gifting back to the community. While Samsung has taken leaps ahead to make life better for the future generations, we too, can do our bit for the future with a little more conscious and responsible travel. No advice, not tips in this post. Just a pure thought that I leave behind with you.

 A sign spotted at the Pink Beach, Indonesia. A thought triggered by Samsung India - A step towards Responsible Travel.

If you do have some thoughts on this, would love to hear from you!




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