Fun things to do in Vancouver

If visiting Vancouver is on your travel bucket list (and it should be!) there are definitely some great things you must do while you’re there.  Vancouver has so much to offer every kind of visitor that it’s difficult to narrow down the list!  No matter what your inclination, these fun things to do in Vancouver will pique your interest. Here are some of my suggestions on what to do in Vancouver.

Fun things to do in Vancouver
Fun things to do in Vancouver Image Credits: Pixabay

Fun things to do in Vancouver

Skate or Dance at Robson Square

Located in downtown Vancouver, Robson Square is an excellent central location and a hive of activity – winter or summer. 

Robson Square in Vancouver
Robson Square in Vancouver Image Credits: Xicotencatl under CC by SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

In the winter you’ll find it busy with ice skaters, skating to traditional seasonal music. It’s a great activity whether you know how to ice skate or not!  Skate rental is available on site for just $5 and entrance is otherwise free. 

In summer, Robson Square is home to many community dance groups offering free salsa or swing dance lessons.  Join in on the fun and learn how to shake and shimmy!  It is the whole activity that makes it Robson Square one of the important Vancouver tourist attractions.

Enjoy the Museum of Anthropology

The Museum of Anthropology is located at the University of British Columbia – just 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver, in a spectacular setting designed by renowed Canadian architect Arthur Erickson.  The design is a class post-and-beam structure inspired by the Northwest Coast First Nations people

The museum itself is home to one of the finest and largest collections of Northwest Coast First Nations art and artifacts!  You’ll be stunned by the state of preservation of the daily-use items such as weavings as well as the many ceremonial things revered by First Nations people.

There is also an excellent ceramics gallery featuring a display of European ceramics that is unique to North America. 

Raven and the First Men
Raven and the First Men Image Credits: Xicotencatl – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Of the many treasures found in the Museum of Anthropology, don’t miss Bill Reid’s amazing (and huge!) cedar sculpture, The Raven and the First Men.  Housed in its own gallery, you can walk 360 degrees around this amazing work of art to see all of the intricacies for yourself.  Make sure to read all the information about this phenomenal work while you’re there – it’s really fascinating.

 If you enjoy learning about culture and people, you might enjoy discovering the last Aryan Tribe of India. Settled high up in North India, the forefathers of these people are said to be soldiers from the army of Alexander the Great.   
The Aryan Village     

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