The enchanting beaches of Gold Coast, Queensland

It was early morning as our Flyscoot Flight circled around the Gold Coast city. The morning sunrise doused the sandy beaches of the city in gold. It is no wonder that Gold Coast is called so. From the first glimpse of these, I could not wait to visit the various beaches of Gold Coast city.

The Golden beaches of Gold Coast as seen from my plane
The Golden beaches of Gold Coast as seen from my plane

Ideally, I would have liked to spend more time discovering the various beaches of Gold Coast but then, I would have missed the other unique sights like the Gold Coast Hinterland and the Springbrook National Park. Nonetheless, from whatever I could manage, I saw four pretty beaches – and that is not counting the Lady Elliot Island. Here is a quick look at each of them.

Beaches of Gold Coast

The beaches of Gold Coast are just so well maintained. Care has been taken to make it child-friendly and even disabled friendly. The facilities on the beaches of Gold Coast add to the pleasure of the sun, sand and sea. In addition to these three “S” of a general beach, the Gold Coast Beaches also, have an additional “S”. Surf! Widely acknowledged as the Surfing Paradise, you will find all kinds of people attempting this sport. From Beginners to Adults and Experts – it is a pleasure to watch them ride high on the waves.

Surfers' on the beaches of Gold Coast
Surfers’ on the beaches of Gold Coast

There are certain norms to be followed on the beaches of Gold Coast. Here are some that you need to be aware of –

  • One always needs to swim between the Red and Yellow Flags in the Sea
  • Blue Flags in the sea mark the safe surf zone.
  • Every beach has a Lifeguard station who regularly patrol the areas used by swimmers and surfers
  • There are some beaches that have rip tides along the sea. One needs to be careful about these and in case, one is caught, they just need to raise their hands and swim with it. The Lifeguards would be there with you

Well. that is enough about the general tips on the Gold Coast Beaches. Time to check out the ones that I saw. 🙂

Kirra Beach

Kirra Beach - one of the Beaches of Gold Coast
Kirra Beach – one of the Beaches of Gold Coast

Before we were whisked away for some yummy breakfast, we made a quick stop to this lovely beach. It was here that I got the first glimpse of the tall skyscrapers of Gold Coast. Kirra Beach was like a U shaped bend with the U being a rocky edge that stretched into the sea. While on one side you could see flat sandy shore on the other side the same was enclosed within the stone cliffs. The sea looked a little wild and as I understand, this surfing beach was for the slightly more experienced.

Along the rocky U bend of the Kirra Beach - One of the beaches of Gold Coast
Along the rocky U bend of the Kirra Beach – One of the beaches of Gold Coast
Beaches of Gold Coast - Kirra Beach
Beaches of Gold Coast – Kirra Beach

Early morning joggers took to the stone pathway to clock their mile. Small benches kept at vantage points were occupied by the elderly who found their peace in watching those waves. It was fun seeing some cute kids throwing a fuss over breakfast – just coz they wanted to experience more of the water. Not so crowded, this was a perfect small town haven for those in Gold Coast.

Family time at Kirra Beach - One of the Beaches of Gold Coast
Family time at Kirra Beach – One of the Beaches of Gold Coast

Coolangatta Beach

Snapper Rocks on Coolangatta Beach - One of the Beaches of Gold Coast
Snapper Rocks on Coolangatta Beach – One of the Beaches of Gold Coast

A few minutes from Kirra Beach is the Coolangatta Beach. The beach lies at the exact point where Queensland border merges with the New South Wales Border. The New South Wales side is called the Tweed Heads while on this side, it becomes Coolangatta with its Snapper Rocks, Point Danger and Rainbow Bay.

View from Cafe D Bar_Snapper Rocks_Gold Coast beaches
View from Cafe D Bar at Snapper Rocks

Rumbling tummies were soon satiated at the Cafe D Bar – a restaurant that overlooks the beautiful Point Danger. Even though my priority was the food, I could not help getting attracted by what lay outside those open windows.

Point Danger at Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast
Point Danger at Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast

A quick hop across the road led me to a vantage point on the cliff  – labeled as Point Danger. This point is officially the mark of the state borders. Called so as there were several reefs along this cliff. The rocks that stretch out from here are called the Snapper Rocks and for me, these are just perfect to perch on and take in the view of the endless blue in front of you.

Walk of Remembrance along Coolangatta Beach, One of the Beaches of Gold Coast
Walk of Remembrance along Coolangatta Beach, One of the Beaches of Gold Coast

This is where I found a lovely pathway – called the Walk of Remembrance. The pathway is dedicated to the various Navy and Merchant ships that sank here owing to the naval activities during the World War II. To me, it was a perfect way to honor those innocent souls.

The Tweed Heads side seemed to be teaming with a lot of surfers and while I could not get close to those, I could well imagine how much fun it must be for them. With the Tweed River merging into the sea, I bet the water there must be perfect for a lot of activities. I wish I had more time to explore the Walk of Remembrance and the Rainbow Bay and had I been a resident of Gold Coast City, this place might have been a regular weekend haunt for me!

Currumbin Beach

Lunch with a view at Surfer's Club at Currumbin Beach - One of the Beaches in Gold Coast
Lunch with a view at Surfer’s Club at Currumbin Beach – One of the Beaches in Gold Coast

Lunchtime took us to yet another scenic restaurant. Post my Koala Date, we arrived at the Surfer’s Club at Elephant Rock – on Currumbin Beach. This was a place for a meal with a view. An outcrop into the sea, the rocky ledge was perfect to sit around and see the young surfers attempting their new skills.

The Rocky yet soft Currumbin Beach -One of the beaches of Gold Coast
The Rocky yet soft Currumbin Beach -One of the beaches of Gold Coast
Currumbin Beach towards the Gold Coast City_Beaches of Gold Coast
Currumbin Beach towards the Gold Coast City

The creek is the point where you can see the Northern part of Gold Coast city on one side and the Southern part with Kirra and Coolangatta beach on the other end. The soft wet sand was a treat to be on and for once, I would not have minded missing my ride – just to feel that lovely breeze through my hair.

Towards South Gold Coast_Currumbin Beach_Beaches of Gold Coast
Currumbin Beach towards South Gold Coast

Surfer’s Paradise

Surfers Paradise from my balcony
Surfers Paradise from my balcony

The hub of all the “Happening” Activities, there is no missing the Surfer’s Paradise. I walked and drove past it – almost every day during my stay in Gold Coast. Every hour of the day showcased a different side of Surfer’s Paradise. In the morning, it became a Jogger’s Paradise.

Family time in the evening at Surfer's Paradise Beach - One of the Beaches in Gold Coast
Family time in the evening at Surfer’s Paradise Beach – One of the Beaches in Gold Coast

Through the day, it was a Surfer’s haven. By evening, it became a family’s evening out. At night, the place became a hub for entertainment – be it food trucks or the night market or a live band. I just loved the shades of this beach in Gold Coast.

The endless Surfer's Paradise beach - One of the Beaches of Gold Coast
The endless Surfer’s Paradise beach – One of the Beaches of Gold Coast

Even though you may say that it can get crowded as it is central to the city, I would say that the discipline you found at Surfer’s Paradise would still render it favorable for anyone. It is a perfect way to start your day or even end it. The gentle waves on the Sea Gull haunted beach will always beckon you to slip off your shoes and wet your toes in the warm Pacific Ocean.

Surfer's Paradise at Night One of the Beaches of Gold Coast
Surfer’s Paradise at Night One of the Beaches of Gold Coast

Well, that is it from me. Signing off but not before my question to you – “Which of these would be your favorite beach? And why?”  Reply back coz I am curious to know. And yes, pin this to your board.

Travel Tips

  • The beaches of Gold Coast have well-marked areas for water sports. Refer to my post above to know more about the various flags that mark the waters.
  • All the beaches of Gold Coast are well equipped with changing rooms and public toilets.
  • There are designated parking spots for visiting these Gold Coast Beaches.
  • The beaches are quite clean and it is an appeal to all my readers to leave it so. There are designated picnic and cooking spots around the beaches. Please ensure you use those.
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46 thoughts on “The enchanting beaches of Gold Coast, Queensland”

  1. I love Queensland for a great getaway! There’s so many fantastic spots along the coast to enjoy a sunset and a refreshing dip in the waves! Thanks for sharing such a great guide! 🙂

  2. Glad I came across this post. I am in love with your stunning pics. I especially liked the walk of Remembrance along Coolangatta beach. I can spend hours there perhaps with a pen and a diary.

  3. Every time I see pictures of the beaches in Australia, I’m amazed. How can they even be real? I think Surfer’s Paradise would be ideal for me. I’m from California and would love to surf in Australia!

  4. Ahhh the beaches of the Gold Coast are amazing – how to choose where to go! Kirra Beach is one of my favorites, and same with Currumbin…especially because you can eat right near the beach edge. Burleigh is another fantastic beach spot to visit too – perfect for a picnic!

  5. Currumbin is gorgeous! I went to Surfers Paradise almost 30 years ago and it still looks wonderful. It was a great place for families and surfers then too. Might be time to go back!

  6. We are going to visit Australia beginning of next year and at the moment I am looking a lot for great tips and best spots to see and visit. The Gold coast looks absolutely great, it gives me some very chilled vibes just by looking at your beautiful photos. Kirra beach looks so inviting, I can see myself already doing some morning sport there and after that having at Surfer’s Club at Currumbin beach such fantastic burger. Many great tips and inspirations, thank you!

  7. The Gold Coast beaches are indeed stunning. From the pics, I liked the Kirra beach the most. I am glad there are eateries at every beach because hunger pangs strike a lot after a good dip in the sea.

    • Lol, the food joints do make some good business owing to that. And with these kind of beaches am sure the pangs double

  8. The beaches of the Gold Coast are undoubtedly pure magic. You have brought alive their magic through your lovely pictures. Love the picture of the toddlers at Kirra Beach, so cute. Also, it is really heartening to note that the beaches take measures to ensure that they are both kid-friendly and disabled-friendly.

    • Thank you guys. I love the way they think of everything for everyone on the beaches. That is what makes them even more special.

  9. What stunning pictures you have brought back and it shows what a lovely trip you had. It was good to see Gold Coast virtually through your eyes. I would definitely love to go there some day. Kirra beach looks great. I liked Coolangatta too.

  10. What beautiful beaches, and with all that history, too. WWII really was a sad time, but it sounds as though people have reclaimed the Gold Coast for joyful times. Great to hear it’s so family-friendly!

    • They sure know how to look positively at things – from everything that they have done for people and the way they have developed their coastline. Loved that abt Gold Coast.

  11. Ahhh.. Reading this post makes me want to go to the nearest beach now. 😀 I do miss the feel of the sea breeze through my hair too. 🙁 The beaches at Gold Coast sure does looks really inviting. I’m no surfer, but I do enjoy a few waves too. 🙂 The Walk of Remembrance looks pretty awesome for a leisure walk. Indeed a lovely way to honour the people who have died near here.

    • Indeed, the walk of remembrance has these serene vibes. And you do feel good honoring the dead here. The rest of the beaches too, are just amazing. Hope you can visit here.

  12. Surfers Paradise looks amazing and is my kind of place with the food trucks and night markets. What are snapper rocks?

  13. I am not a surfer but can see me totally chilling out on the beaches and taking fantastic ocean/beach shots with the camera. Loving your photos. Really does want to make me get out there.

    • Thank you Danik. Am sure you can try out one of those surf classes. I was keen on one but well…fell short of time. Next time for sure.

  14. The Goldcoast beaches really remind me of my home beaches here in LA! The You shape bends with city scapes in the distance look very similar! It seems also like a fun place to venture to with family. BTW can you please transport me into that photo with the lovely burger and cool view with the surfer on the wave! great read!

    • Thank you Layla. Envy you for the golden beaches of LA. And yes, that burger looks so enticing with that view. Sigh! one of the best I have had.

  15. I am the ultimate beach lover and I cannot wait to visit the Gold Coast! Such beautiful and scenic views of the coastline with much to do. I would love to take another jab at surfing at Surfers Paradise butttt it may be too intimidating.

    • Actually, there are a lot of beginners trying their luck at Surfers. I am sure you wont find it intimidating once you are there. I wish I could have tried it myself. Thanks for stopping by

  16. Awesome post! Coolangatta would be my favorite! I hope I can visit it someday! Your photos are so amazing, I love the different angles of each beach!

  17. The timing of stumbling upon your post is perfect because I am planning a trip to Gold Coast early next year! I would love to visit the beaches and especially Kirra Beach, I’ve heard a lot about it. However, I would also love to visit the hinterland and Springbrooks National Park. Not sure I will have enough time to. This guide is great for leading me to some of the best beaches.

    • Like I said, you will find one week too less for this city. However, what you have picked does sound like a good way to get the best of it. Waiting to see your adventures. Cheers

  18. Loved the views of these beaches. Especially the photo taken from a bit of a hight is excellent. I wonder why we don’t get this blue sea in Indian beaches! Also loved the golden hour shots.

    • Actually, some places do have such amazing sea. Especially the lone islands like Andamans. Any case, loved it here in Australia


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