Why should you buy the DTAC Sim during your Thailand Travel?

How many times have you gone to Thailand? I am pretty sure that for a lot of you, it might be more than once. The answer is not surprising given the affordable holidays that one can have in Thailand. Owing to the same, it is pretty common to see that these Thailand vacations last more than a week. Given the frequency and duration of these holidays, I have always felt the need to buy a local sim to stay connected. I am sure you too, require the same. I have just the perfect recommendation for your mobile connection – the new DTAC Sim for Indian Travelers. Here is why you should consider the DTAC sim –

DTAC Sim for Indian Travelers
DTAC Sim for Indian Travelers

Benefits of Staying Connected in Thailand

Staying connected while on the move in Thailand
Staying connected while on a day trip to Hua Hin from Bangkok

It is not just about keeping in touch with your loved ones back home. Getting a local sim allows you to stay safe and enjoy better convenience when traveling in Thailand. Consider the scenario where you want to call a cab after a visit to the night markets in Bangkok, Phuket or Chiang Mai. With a local sim, not only would that be easy but will also, ensure that you have peace of mind when venturing out.

Chedis of Wat Phra Singh
Chedis of Wat Phra Singh in Chiang Mai

I also, like to be connected online when I am traveling in an unknown city. It helps me keep my google maps on so that I am always location-aware. Knowing the exact route of travel helps me avoid the local cab scams. While there are a lot of free wifi zones in Thailand, they are not always safe. A lot of sensitive data gets leaked with this public wifis and it is always better to rely on your personal local sim cards.

Khao Luang Caves - a day trip from Bangkok
Khao Luang Caves – a day trip from Bangkok

Network Coverage of DTAC

Chiang Mai or Bangkok or Phuket - DTAC has it covered.
Chiang Mai or Bangkok or Phuket – DTAC has it covered.

There are plenty of tourist sim options in Thailand. I remember getting really confused at the airport on which ones to buy. My first and most important consideration was the network coverage in Thailand. DTAC turned out to be one of the leading operators in the country – one that was highly recommended by expats and locals. In fact, a friend who stays in Bangkok mentioned that she had almost seamless coverage with DTAC in Thailand. Whether she went to Chiang Mai or down to Phuket, she never had an issue.

Warorot market in Chiang Mai
Warorot market in Chiang Mai

Package Cost of DTAC Sim

If you are still deliberating between the leading mobile operators of Thailand, then the DTAC package cost will help you make the decision better. There are two options that you can pick from –

  • A 299 THB package – offering you an 8-day unlimited data connectivity.
  • A 599 THB package – with a 15 days unlimited data connectivity

On both the packages, if you dial 00400 before the India country code 91, you are charged 0.6Thb per minute for your call.  You get a 15 Baht call credit on these sims. What makes them even more attractive are the special offers that they have for the tourists – like discounts at Swenson’s, Thai Massages and also, at popular tourist destinations like the Madam Tussaud’s museum and the Bangkok Ocean World. You can check the updated privileges on their website.

The convenience of buying and reloading

You don’t have to go too far to buy a DTAC Happy Tourist Sim. It is readily available at most Indian airports like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. It is also, available at the key Thai airports like Suvarnabhumi or Donmuang Airport in Bangkok, Phuket and Samui Airport. There are self-vending machines at the airport as well as shops where you can buy it. You can even buy it at convenience outlets like 7 – 11 and Family Mart

DTAC Happy Tourist Sim can be bought at the Airport
DTAC Happy Tourist Sim can be bought at the Airport

The convenience does not end there. In case you wish to reload or extend your connection, you can do so easily online or through any of the convenience stores like 7-11 in the country.

Guess that is all it takes to get connected when on a Thailand trip. I hope you have bookmarked this post for your upcoming travel.


This post has been written in association with DTAC, Thailand

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22 thoughts on “Why should you buy the DTAC Sim during your Thailand Travel?”

  1. Just looking at the price and how much you data you get for your money and this seems like a pretty good deal. Hoping to hit up thailand next year so will keep this page as reference so I can buy this sim card as soon as I arrive.

  2. Indeed this seems like a great idea. Also very helpful to know they are available from Indian airports. The ease of reloading or extending is another positive point. I will use them when I get to Thailand.

  3. Yes, I also believe that getting a local sim is a must whenever you travel. Your post is very timely since we’re going to Thailand in March. Will make to grab a DTAC sim. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. We recently got an international SIM that lets us use it in many countries. But before that, we always searched for the best local SIM to buy in Thailand. We too like to stay connected when we are travelling. And hat to rely only on public wide open WIFI. Good to know that the DTAC SIM has great coverage over Thailand. Awesome to hear that you can buy them in Indian airports. Not something I have seen for most foreign SIMS.

  5. Buying DTAC Sim for better connectivity and also cost friendly option while traveling in Thailand looks good option. Good to know that at 299 TBH we get unlimited data for 8 days. I too take private Sim and not work on public WiFi as I am also afraid of data leaks. Also it is good for Indian travelers which is also another brownie point to buy this card.

  6. The DTAC looks like a handy, inexpensive SIM for Thailand. I agree, having a SIM is safe because you can call and use the internet. I use Tmobile on my travel phone so don’t have to worry about getting SIM cards any more.

  7. great review!! I remember when I travel to /Thailand the first time it was too crowded and really confusing and I really hope that I had an international sim card as for some reason my iPhone didn’t log in to the WIFI. It is a great way to ensure you have a great trips.

  8. It’s great that you can also buy the SIM Card from India. I think it will help a lot with the language barrier you will most likely find in Thailand. With DTAC gives you discount on some popular tourists destinations, I think it’s really a great choice for a local sim card to get in Thailand. Seems like the price is also reasonable.

    • Oh yes, given that you can pay in your home currency and understand the offering better when in your country owing to the language, DTAC does make a good buy

  9. I also make it a point to get a local sim and not because I cannot stay disconnected when I travel but for the reasons you mentioned, it always helps in a foreign country to be able to have access to apps which can help yo find your way around. Google maps especially is particularly useful and also apps that allow you to call taxis late night, etc. DTAC sounds like a great sim card to have because of its connectivity in all areas. I’m surprised that you can buy it in many Indian airports too!

    • I normally buy a sim for safety but give the number only to my close family. That way I still get a digital detox while being able to keep my close ones with me.


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