Celebrating One Year of Blogging

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Yes, it is my BLOG-ANNIVERSARY…if that word exists. One year of Blogging and what better way to reward ThrillingTravel with a makeover.

Image Credits: Pixabay under CC0
Image Credits: Pixabay under CC0

It has been crazy the last few days –  with me moving from Blogspot to my own space  – over 72 posts, reformatting them, reconstructing the site and rebuilding a look – and the latter part has been the craziest for I am no techie. But doing it all by myself is indeed something I am proud of.  My site was down for 3 days but well Ta Dah! Here you have it!

ThrillingTravel in its new Avataar! – with definitely a better back-end and a promise from me to get you all traveling more each day.

I recall a year back, me in my old organization, getting bored with my routine, wondering where I could travel next. With no leaves in sight, I decided to virtual travel through words on my own blog and wrote my first post. I ignored my blog for the next 2 weeks and then came back to write more. Surprisingly, there were a few comments on the first post and that was it! That was all I needed to start off and bring my travel alive.

As I look back, I realise that ThrillingTravel indeed has traveled a long way. From being nowhere, today my blog’s Alexa rank is at 186,147 globally today and in India – 14,965I have also, been included in the top 1000 travel blogs as per Rise. Right now, looking back, it feels like a dream.

A few thanks are in order – first of course, to my parents – for everything that I am today.

Next to my husband and daughter for the tremendous patience and encouragement that they have given me. For even staying hungry while I sorted out my blog 😛

My sibling, cousins, friends – who were my earliest readers – patiently entertaining me my new blog alerts and prompts, their constructive feedback and more importantly, for spreading the love.

A special thanks to all my fellow bloggers – who have selflessly taught me so many things.

And last but not the least – to YOU  – my dear readers and subscribers.


Thank you for all your love and blessings. Do continue to share your love and leave a comment for me below.



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51 Responses

  1. Arun

    Congragulations on completing 1 year and your new space. It looks nice.
    It was pleasure reading your travel posts. Good luck for the future.

  2. Sapna

    Congratulations!!! Happy Anniversary!!! and of course WELCOME BACK!!!! It’s always a pleasure to read your blogs. It’s our way of virtual travel and we have you to thank for it.

    • Ami

      Thank you Sapans – for truly encouraging me and staying by my side.

  3. Lohith

    Congrats on the awesome work Ami. Really happy to see you enjoying this whole travel writing bit. Cheers! ALl the best once again!

    • Ami

      Thank you Lohith – for a lot of wise words and encouragement. 🙂

  4. My Alwar

    Congrats Ami for this wonderful achievement in 1 year only. Through twitter I started following and since that day, I am regularly reading your posts. Your 12 Types of Travellers post is my one of the favourite posts. Keep on writing and yes that froggy in the main image is really awsome.

    • Ami

      Thank you 😀 and I love those froggies too. They are cool – aren’t they?

  5. Mukesh Nepalia

    Congratulation on reaching that milestone! I have started recently following you and already an admirer of your invaluable work! Wishing you all the best and keep up the good job!

    • Ami

      Thank you Mukesh. Stay tuned and I promise to share more of my travels

  6. Ankita

    Congratulations, Ami. Great design 🙂 Happy traveling and good vibes x

  7. Palv

    Congrats dear…as I said that now there is no stopping u…a butiful milestone in this jrny of urs n wishing u many more

    • Ami

      Thank you Pallavi… Ur support is something that is key to this 🙂

    • Ami

      As I said Archie… Thank you… For a lot of help.. Support and encouragement 🙂

  8. Jermina

    Congrats Looks lovely
    P.S. The best part is your almost Oscar- like acceptance speech

    • Ami

      Thanks Jerm… Can’t help sounding like that but I can assure you that every bit I said is true

    • Ami

      Thank you so much Indrani. More so for being an important part of this journey 🙂

    • Ami

      Thank you so much Mridula and Thanks for being a part of this journey.

  9. Arun

    Congrats Ami 🙂 Wishing you many more travels! Cheers 🙂

    P.S.: I am so glad I am able to comment now which earlier I had issues with!

  10. Priya Singh

    Hi Ami,

    First of all All the best for your bright future,
    because 1 year can teach us lot of things like failure or success or flow with water what we need to do etc etc.
    So here this is next stage of your journey carry on.!

    Congratulations 🙂

    • Ami

      Thank you Priya… You are right about learning so much in the first year. And I assure you I have. Cheers

  11. Hema

    Congrats Ami!
    Your blogs truly stands out amongst others. You are details are such we need not hire any guide to visit a place
    Keep writing. It a guide to many travellers..

    • Ami

      Thank you Hema for the encouraging words. And for being a part of my journey.

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