A Cleaner, Greener Mussoorie – Thanks to the Nestle Hilldaari

The Wall of Hope - symbolizing how waste can be reused

It wasn’t my first visit to the Queen of Hills – Mussoorie. However, it did feel like my maiden visit. Thanks to the Hilldaari movement, one of the initiatives by Nestle India which I was invited to witness, this time I was looking at Mussoorie through a different lens. The Nestle India  Hilldaari showcased how … Read more

Why Everyone Needs a Kedarkantha Trek in Their Life

A Trek to Kedarkantha

Snow-capped peaks, lush green meadows, crystal clear streams, tall pine trees, the sunlight dousing your trail in a golden glow- this is what the Kedarkantha trek feels like. Magic, that’s what it feels like. While trekking commonly is thought of as a summer activity, the number of people who are exploring the world of winter … Read more

The charming corn village of Sainji, Mussoorie

IMG 2909 001

In my last post on Landour, I gave you a glimpse of this unique corn village near Mussoorie. The actual name of this corn village is Sainji Village.  Why it is called the corn village is evident from the moment you step in here. Besides the way it looks, there is something very unusual about … Read more

The Mystical Hamlet in the Hills: Landour, Mussoorie

IMG 2683 001

By now, I am guessing that you would have read of my Princess tale at Rokeby Manor in Landour. If you have missed that, have a look through this link. This fairy tale stay of mine would not have been complete without the fairytale kingdom of Landour. A small British styled town – Landour is a … Read more

My fairy tale stay at Rokeby Manor in Landour, Mussoorie

IMG 2686

This weekend was my fairy tale weekend – it was like I was Snow White or Cinderella or one of those princesses who lived in a cute little wooden manor amidst the green and cool hills with not a care in the world. Landour, the quaint little hill station near Mussoorie, 2 hours from Dehra … Read more

Reflections of 2016 – My Travel Round-Up

Thrilling Travel Reflections of 2016

Happy New Year to all of you! I intended writing this article out last week as a befitting end to a great 2016 — What better way to wrap it all up than a travel round-up. However, since the year was quite good, I decided to relish those last few moments of 2016 in the … Read more