Varanasi Street Art – celebrating the essence of Banaras

The age-old custom of chillum that prevails in Varanasi

The smoke from his chillum rose high and then merged with the fumes from the aarti. Right next to it, was the Kathak dancer performing a chakkar – all to the tune of tabla. I felt the essence of Banaras through these moments – all captured in the magnificent Varanasi street art. Visiting one of … Read more

Chota Imambara: Glittering Palace of Lights in Lucknow

Chota Imambara - one of the places to visit in Lucknow

If the Bara Imambara in Lucknow was about the brilliance of the dark, twisted passages of the crypt – Bhool Bhulaiya, then visiting its younger cousin was all about a glittering jewel of the night. The Chota Imambara did not pale in comparison to its giant predecessor. It, in fact, shone brilliantly in the depths … Read more

Places to visit in Lucknow

Places to visit in Lucknow

Summer or Winter, every visit to the “City of Nawabs” had me gripped with its amazing history, delightful art, colorful culture & yummy food. The capital of Uttar Pradesh has something for everyone – so much that you might find that two days are not enough to enjoy it all. You might ask me what … Read more

The Residency Lucknow: A Reminiscence of British India

The Residency Lucknow made for the British General

With the heritage trot through Old Lucknow, you might have got a glimpse of its history that extends beyond the Nawabs. The Hussainabad Ghanta Ghar to be precise, is what might have given it off. In case you have missed what this is about, take a peek at my last post on the Heritage Lucknow.You … Read more

Reconstructing the past with Kaiserbagh Heritage Walk

The Lakhi Gate of Kaiserbagh as seen from Safed Baradari

The one thing that seemed pretty strange to me when I walked around Lucknow is that none of the heritage monuments I saw were palaces. Given the grand structures like the Bara Imambara, Rumi Darwaza and Chota Imambara, I expected to stumble upon the majestic residences of the Nawab. However, as fate be, almost all … Read more

La Martiniere College – An offbeat attraction of Lucknow

La Martiniere college - an offbeat Lucknow attraction

While the Bara Imambara, the Residency and Chota Imambara is there on almost every visitor’s list of attractions in Lucknow, it is time to add a few offbeat places to this list. Last week I shared my heritage walk of Kaiserbagh which I am sure you have already included to your itinerary. This week, you … Read more

Trotting along Heritage Lucknow through Rumi Darwaza

The Western side of the Rumi Darwaza at night with its single facade.

Whether you are a connoisseur of food or arts or heritage – there is no missing the epic city of the Nawabs – Lucknow. If you leave out the food bit, then the other two are what appeal to me. This was the city that popularized my chosen form of dance – Kathak and one … Read more

A date with the Taj Mahal at Sunrise in Agra

An intimate moment with just the Taj and me along the River Yamuna

If it is your first time in India, there is no missing the Taj Mahal. For that matter, for those of us in India, if you are in Agra, there is no missing this monument either, even if you have seen it umpteen times. Naturally, if our last stop of the Indo-Nepal Road trip Indo-Nepal … Read more

Agra Fort: A prelude to the famous Taj Mahal

Amar Singh Gate at Agra Fort

It had been several years, rather over 2 decades that I had visited the Red Fort in Agra – popularly referred to as Agra Fort. Naturally, when an opportunity presented itself in form of Agra being a pit stop on our return from the Indo-Nepal trip, I was keen to refresh my memories.Agra Fort seemed … Read more