Exploring the abandoned mansions of Chettinad

Abandoned mansion in Karaikudi

They enticed me from the first time I heard of them. Tales of their exquisite exteriors and intricate interiors beseeched me to see these abodes for myself. Plans were made but kept falling through. However, each failed attempt got my resolve to get there stronger till finally! It happened. I managed to get to Karaikudi … Read more

15 things to do in Mahabalipuram | A Mahabalipuram guide

One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mahabalipuram

Sea Shells & Temples on the shore Carved caverns without a door Surfing & swimming in the sea Enjoy the best things to do in Mahabalipuram with a glee. Discover the top tourist places in Mahabalipuram and get tips on how to plan a visit in this guide. 60 odd kilometers from Chennai, along the … Read more

Pancha Rathas – the monolithic temples of Mahabalipuram

The Mahabalipuram five Rathas temples are a great example of the monolithic Indian rock-cut architecture

The eldest of the rathas was the grandest The second one resembled its namesake and was the mightiest The third reflected his nimble nature & the fourth was all about twins’ animal care The fifth was symbolic of their wife’s nurture of their lair. Such is the representation of the famed monolithic temples of Mahabalipuram … Read more

Mysteries of the Mahabalipuram Shore temple

Visit the Mahabalipuram Shore temple - one of the key things to do in Mahabalipuram

The Mahabalipuram shore temple was the only one of the seven left to glean While the rest of the six pagodas drowned and remained unseen. Until the tsunami caused the sea to swell And when it ebbed, it uncovered a small part of that lost architectural shell. Discover the mystery of the shore temple and … Read more

A guide to Chettinad tourism & the best of Karaikudi tourist places

Chettinad tourism - a sensory delight that puts it on top of places to visit in Tamil Nadu

Jaw dropping gigantic mansions Ornate and rich living temples Lip-smacking traditional Chettinad cuisine Mindblowing antiques and handicrafts! And this is just the gist of what Chettinad tourism has to offer. Get ready for this complete guide to Karaikudi sightseeing. When it comes to visiting the best places in Tamil Nadu, I have to put this … Read more

The Aesthetic Amalgamation of Athangudi Palace in Karaikudi

Belgian glass windows, Burma teak wood pillars and murals in Athangudi Palace

The wealthy zamindar pointed his fingers towards the hero saying – “You, a mere farmer – cannot marry my beautiful daughter. His suitor – Sir James, can provide 10 times more comfort than your simple hut.” . Totally filmy, right?  Well, this was the scene that ran through my head as I stepped into the … Read more

The musical notes of a Chariot – Darasuram Airavatesvara Temple

The Mukhamandapam with the chariot base

The stunning architecture of the famous Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur ignited a new thirst in me. Its surreal carvings and the advanced construction techniques made me wonder what the other Great Living Chola Temples would be like. My trip to Karaikudi gave me the perfect opportunity to quench this thirst – partially. Though the plan … Read more

The Authentic Flavors of Chettinad Cuisine

A full meal with odd number of food items - one of the cultural aspects of Chettinad Food

It is no surprise that you equate the Chettinad region to its food. Honestly speaking, these flavors of Chettinad Cuisine are the reason this region on a traveler’s map. So far my posts have been largely on travel to the offbeat Chettinad area of Tamil Nadu. However, once you are there, you will find that … Read more

The Terracotta Horse Temple – The Ayyanar Temple of Chettinad

The Clay horses of Ayyanar Temple in Chettinad

Ever heard of a Terracotta Horse Temple? Maybe you know them as the Ayyanar Temples? No? Well, I hadn’t either till I stumbled upon one near Karaikudi. After visiting this one (the local name being Andavar Solai Temple), I am looking forward to visiting more of the Ayyanar Temples of Tamil Nadu. If you are … Read more