The ultimate travel guide for visiting Shekhawati havelis: Itinerary planning tips, stays & places to visit

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They are known as Rajasthan’s painted towns Glamorous havelis and ornate cenotaphs fill their grounds. Their residents might have forgotten their locked doors But even today the beauty of these Shekhawati havelis scores. Let’s rediscover the gorgeous fresco-covered mansions and the other places to visit in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Discover the best towns to … Read more

Exploring the artistic Mandawa Havelis in Shekhawati, Rajasthan

One of the many abandoned painted havelis of Mandawa

One had a steam train chugging along While another wall had a woman dancing to a folk song. Faded walls showcased scenes from Venice, British India and the royal courts Such is the variety that the timeless frescoes of Mandawa Havelis sports Discover the quintessential Shekhawati havelis of Mandawa with this virtual tour. This travel … Read more

All the things that will make you go WOW at the City Palace Jaipur

Diwan-I Khaas, City Palace Jaipur

A fusion of architectural styles With numerous treasures along its aisles Four gates for four different seasons Visiting the Jaipur City palace needs no more reasons. Discover the best things to see in City Palace Jaipur. This City Palace Jaipur guide also, includes the history and information on how to visit, the best time as … Read more

Podar Haveli Museum – The prized Shekhawati haveli in Nawalgarh

Podar Haveli museum in Nawalgarh - the best start to your tour of Shekhawati

Captivating frescoes covered every inch of those walls And where there were none, there were those ornate arched doors. If you are looking to explore Shekhawati Your first stop should be this Nawalgarh Podar Haveli. Explore the magnificent Dr. Ramnath A. Podar Haveli Museum in Nawalgarh in this post. Discover the best things to see … Read more

How to plan a trip from Delhi to Jaipur by road?

Sedans for a trip from Delhi to Jaipur by car are cost effective as well as comfortable for 3 travelers

Which is the best way to get to Jaipur from Delhi – Road, Rail or Air? If you are asking me – my vote would be for a trip from Delhi to Jaipur by road. Check out this guide to planning a road trip from Delhi to Jaipur by car, why I suggest the same, … Read more

Discover the Ghost Town of Kuldhara Jaisalmer

Kuldhara - the haunted village in India

Eerie Silence through the rumbles, Shivers through your spine as you explore the crumbles, They say it existed, it isn’t a story, There used to be a village in its times of glory. Read about the Kuldhara Village haunted story A medley of emotions hit me as I took my first step into this ghost … Read more