A Showcase of Tibetan Skills & Culture at Norbulingka Institute in Dharamshala

Cham Dance depicted by the Losel Dolls

Setting up Little Lhasa in Dharamshala involved more than just finding a home and building Buddhist temples and monasteries like the Gyuto Monastery. It meant finding employment, establishing schools and most importantly preserving the heritage roots. Over time, the Tibetan community settled in with all these amenities – some adapted to the existing Indian way … Read more

A guide to Kangra Fort – where history meets nature

View of Dhauladhar peaks from the ramparts next to the Jahangiri Gate.

If I were to pinpoint one highlight of my trip to Dharamshala, it would be my visit to Kangra Fort. Being one of the oldest forts of India, the history buff in me thoroughly enjoyed Kangra fort. What made it appealing was that the dose of history was accompanied by dollops of nature. If you … Read more