The Towering Tale of Delhi – A Qutub Minar Guide

The tapering Qutub Minar has five stories and is located in the Mehrauli region of Delhi

“Is it your first time at the Qutub Minar in Delhi?” – your question. My answer – “Nope – not the first and not the 2nd either”. “Well then, you must be a scholar on all the Qutub Minar Information” – you might be saying. My answer at the beginning of my third tour – … Read more

Humayun’s Tomb – The Garden of Tombs in Delhi

Humayun's tomb in Delhi

Recently, I came across this article on India Then and Now which had a comparison between what some famous landmarks looked like in the past to what they now appear in the present. Among the many that I saw, I particularly was taken in by the picture of the famous UNESCO Site in Delhi – … Read more