Mysteries of the Mahabalipuram Shore temple

Mamallapuram shore temple is the oldest structural temple in South India - one of the many shore temple facts.

The Mahabalipuram shore temple was the only one of the seven left to glean While the rest of the six pagodas drowned and remained unseen. Until the tsunami caused the sea to swell And when it ebbed, it uncovered a small part of that lost architectural shell. Discover the mystery of the shore temple and … Read more

Vadnagar Gujarat – a tiny town steeped in history

Vadnagar Kirti toran

Vadnagar railway station that marks the roots of humble beginnings Hatkeshwar temple that blesses your life’s innings. The Kirti torans that celebrate the Solankis architectural mastery Ánd the Buddhist ruins that date back to 3rd century history. Discover Vadnagar Gujarat – the home town of PM Modi with roots that go back to the Indus … Read more

Places to visit in monsoon in India

Weekend Getaway from Mumbai - Lonavala

If you are interested in traveling but prefer doing so in seasons other than summer or spring – then one of the best places to visit would be India. It has vast land with three distinct seasons – Summer, monsoons and winter. The country offers different places for each of these seasons. However, it is … Read more

A Heritage Walk through Fontainhas in Panjim, Goa

Sloping roofs and eaves are common among the heritage homes of Fontainhas

The Blue house with the balcoas The yellows had the rooster The reds came with the shell windows While the greens displayed the Azulejos. Such was the beauty that I caught on an epic heritage walk in Fontainhas Goa Goa has always enthralled us with its gorgeous beaches – so much that not many of … Read more

Best things to do on Malpe beach in Udupi

Malpe Beach in Udupi

The very place where Lord Krishna landed in Udupi The sandy shore that has been mentioned in Ptolemy’s texts The natural port that has been a bustling trade stop And now – it is a buzzing hot spot of fun things to do. Let’s discover the best things to do in Malpe beach in Udupi … Read more

How to plan a trip from Delhi to Jaipur by road?

Sedans for a trip from Delhi to Jaipur by car are cost effective as well as comfortable for 3 travelers

Which is the best way to get to Jaipur from Delhi – Road, Rail or Air? If you are asking me – my vote would be for a trip from Delhi to Jaipur by road. Check out this guide to planning a road trip from Delhi to Jaipur by car, why I suggest the same, … Read more