Romance at Carmel by the Sea

“A cosy little get-away with enough to do and yet, some quality time to spend between the two”  

And exactly for this is Carmel by the Sea, a quaint little town, with gorgeous buildings, a feel of Europe, some lovely beaches and just enough to do & yet be together. Voted as one of the top 10 Romantic cities by the Travel & Leisure in 2014, Carmel by the Sea is an amazing place for couples to have some fun together. Though a small town, there is plenty to do around and not really rush between different activities. Here are my top 5 pick of things to do at Carmel by the Sea.

1) Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting
Image Credits: Slack21

What is romance without a little wine? 

And Carmel by the Sea has some amazing places where you can sample wines. The town has many vineyards around it and hence, several wine tasting parlors. The unique and interesting thing about this is that there is a wine-tasting route called the Carmel Wine Walk by the Sea, chalked out for your reference and all you have to do is buy a wine tasting passport and follow this route. The wine tasting passport offers you a pass to 9 of the tasting rooms for a wine tasting worth USD 10. The passport costs you USD 65 and can be bought online or at the Visitor Center. Once at the wine parlor, experiment with the wide range and interact with your host to know more about them.  So, go ahead, swirl, smell and taste some wine with your partner every evening that you are here.

2) Seal your time together 

Sea life at Carmel by the Sea
Image Credits: Sue and Danny Lee

4 miles from Carmel lies this reserve called the Point Lobos State Reserve, an amazing place to discover some coastal beauties. With Sea Lions lying around on the beaches, close enough for you to touch and some lovely hiking trails, this can be a good day outing. A beautiful place to grab some memories with Sea birds, Seals and beaches in the background. Check their official website for various updates and ticket costs.

3) Carmel Beach City Park

Carmel by the Sea
Image Credits: GhostEYC

A lovely white sand beach, known for its dog friendliness. You will find a lot of dog owners getting their dogs for a stroll here and leaving them free. The beach is known for surfing and one can spend time here, just sitting and gazing at the surfers. And if you are planning a wedding, this could be a good venue too.  A great place to enjoy the sunset together, with a glass of wine, of course.

4) Big Sur Drive

Big Sur                                                                                                          Image Credits: Luca Nebuloni
Big Sur                                                                                                                      Image Credits: Luca Nebuloni

Take a romantic drive along the magnificent Big Sur with amazing rocky mountains on one side and the lovely blue Pacific ocean on the other side. The breathtaking view is worth every bit of your time and drive. Watch out for the  Bixby Bridge, as in the picture below.

Bixby Bridge                                                                                                  Image Credits: Chris James
Bixby Bridge                                                                                                                                   Image Credits: Chris James

Visit the little village along the way. One can plan various Hiking activities or just, head to the beach to get a glimpse of the sea otters floating around. Click here to get the official website to Big Sur.

5) Walk through the town

Carmel by the sea
Image Credits: Nicola Corboy

This is my most recommended activity for there is a unique charm that Carmel by the Beach offers. Walking along its streets, gives you a very European feel. Enjoy the shopping along the way and admire the lovely buildings for its architecture. Each street in Carmel is defined by the different shops it has. 

Carmel by the sea
Image Credits: Duloluoz Cats

Culturally rich, remember to tour their art galleries. And if you want some rest, head to one of their Spas, for there are plenty around. So, link your arms together and take a romantic stroll along the streets of Carmel. Go on and soak up the spirit of this town called –Carmel by the Sea.

Getting to Carmel by the Sea

Carmel by the Sea is around 2.5 hours from San Fransisco. The place is easily accessible by road. You can find a road guide by clicking here. The nearest airport to this town is Monterey airport.

Travel Tips:

  1.  Carmel by the Sea has a well-developed tourism site. You can access their official website by clicking here
  2. The place is known for its pet friendliness. Hence, keep in mind that while you may not be fond of animals, there may be plenty around.
  3. Carmel has plenty of entertainment around – from live shows to local festivals and art shows. Information on all these can be found on their official website. 
  4. There are plenty of restaurants in Carmel that one can pick from. With a plethora of cuisine available, food will be the least of your worries.
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10 thoughts on “Romance at Carmel by the Sea”

  1. The Posh Area nearer to SFO…. The Single Main Street, the Unique Mall and the Sea side Houses are its Special attractions for any Visitor…. I remember visiting this Place about 4-5 times and staying in one of the rented Houses facing the Sea….

  2. The Carmel by the sea looks amazing. It is perfect blend of wine and dine time in romantic settings.The travel tips are surely to be kept in mind. You have surely had a good time there. Look forward to getting there someday.

  3. I live very close to this town and visit it frequently. I just love being there. The ocean is so beautiful and the town has it’s own, special atmosphere. They also have some very weird laws on place, such as no walking on high heels on their main street and so. It’s so bizarre. No one obeys it of course since the law is very old.


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