Camping at Bheemeshwari Nature & Adventure Camp

I had heard quite a bit about the Bheemeshwari Nature & Adventure Camp (also, called the Cauvery Fishing Camp or Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp) and was rearing to go – not for a day trip but an overnight one. Having ear-marked it for the next long weekend, I made sure that we had prior bookings and on the D-Day set out with my family and friends to Bheemeshwari Nature Camp.

At the Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp
At the Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp

Arriving at the Bheemeshwari Nature Camp

The roads to the camp are fairly good and once you enter the vicinity of the camp, the sound of the gushing water, the melodious bird calls and tranquil surroundings give you a sense of calm. On entering the camp, you are greeted with some fresh fruit juice while you check-in for your stay. The entire camp is along the side of the River Cauvery and is quite a eco-tourist place – full of greenery and with all natural material used for their buildings. 

Tented Cottages at Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp
Tented Cottages at Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp

Accommodation at Bheemeshwari Nature Camp

We had opted to stay in the Tented Cottages and while our check-ins were smooth, we had to wait awhile as we were a little ahead of our time. The tented cottages are basically tents erected on top of a raised platform. With a little sit-out, comfortable beds and clean wash-rooms, this accommodation is definitely worth an experience. Of course, remember you are in the wild – so a few residential inhabitants like spiders and caterpillars and centipedes share your accommodation. 😉

The tented cottages also, have a fan within – which is good enough for the weather here. I would recommend avoiding the AC log-huts as it does not really give you the feel of camping. The tented cottages are closer to the reception while the other options like the log huts and bamboo cottages are a good walk away, toward the dining area.

Spiders Web at the Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp
Spiders Web at the Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp

Facilities at Bheemeshwari Nature Camp

Waiting here was not a problem at all for there were plenty of things to distract us. The biggest one was this Spider’s web which you can climb up, relax and enjoy the view. My hubby, kid and I had an really amazing time on this for after you climb up and lie down staring at the sky and the surrounding, the net keeps moving with other people trying to climb it. The constant bobbing of the net makes you feel as if you are on a joy ride. I loved the sensation it created. 

Be a kid at the Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp
Be a kid at the Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp

Besides this, at regular intervals, you have plenty of swings – made of planks or just hammocks and some tyres hanging from the trees. I felt like a kid trying to hop onto each of them and giving them a shot. Once we had checked in, we set out exploring the rest of the camp. 

Adventure Sports  at Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp  
Adventure Sports  at Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp

There are plenty of paid activities and adventure sports to do at the Bheemeshwari Nature Camp – from ZipLines to Rafting, Kayaking, Burma Loops and Parallel Walks. Remember to book Rafting before had as the actual rafting spot starts at a different region and the staff needs to arrange for you to reach there along with the instructors. We did not know this and missed out on the rafting as the first batch had already gone and there were not enough people for the second.

Monkey at Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp
Monkey at Bheemeshwari nature camp

As you head to the dining area- a round hut called Gol Ghar, the entire camp area widens up and you see all kinds of birds and Monkeys!!! Lots and lots of them – all on a look-out for food and drink. Like this fellow on the tree who snatched the Limca from a table. The attendants in the camp carry an airgun to scare them off and are constantly ensuring that they do not trouble the guests. Nothing to really worry about as these monkeys don’t bother you unless you tease them. It is actually quite amusing to see them.

The food here is quite wholesome – traditional South Indian food. Make sure you are in time for the same for if you miss it there won’t be any other option but to wait for your next meal. The camp is quite secluded and there are no shops around.

Coracle Ride at Bheemeshwari Nature Camp
Coracle Ride at Bheemeshwari Nature Camp

As a part of the package, you can avail a coracle ride. This is a fun one that starts off near the dining area. A coracle is like a large basket in which you sit while the attendant rows you around. While you are not really allowed to row it yourself, I requested one of the attendants to allow me to try my hand in a small shallow stretch of water. It was a different experience trying to steer the coracle. Initially, I steered it into circles but eventually, figured the right way. I guess I turned it too much that the attendant went dizzy and asked me to hand over the oar 🙂 . 

On the other side of the river, there is a forest and if you are lucky, you can spot some Elephants on the shore. I guess, that weekend was not my day and we seemed to have missed it. 

Mahseer Fish at the Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp           Image Credits: Rajesh Dangl under CC by NC-ND 2.0
Mahseer Fish at the Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp                                 Image Credits: Rajesh Dangl under CC by NC-ND 2.0

The Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp used to be known for its “catch and release” fishing and the river is famous for the huge Mahseer Fish. However, owing to the conservation policies, this has now been discontinued. When you go to the Gol Ghar, you can see various pictures of this activity. 

Evenings are a pleasant affair – with the bonfire by the river and some live barbecue. From our tented cottages, the only way you can reach the barbecue area is by a walk along a path, lit by fireflies. Magical is the word to describe this experience.

The camp gives you torches at check-in which are useful for guiding your way through the nature trail. There are enough attendants, who guide and assist you along the way. 

Birds through the binoculars at the Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp
Birds through the binoculars at the Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp

Waking up to the sounds of birds is such a refreshing affair. The camp arranges for a trek – which I believe, is amazing. This is a part of the package and happens in the morning. However, I gave the same up for some peaceful bird-watching, while sipping a hot cup of tea and swinging on the hammock. I spotted quite a few colorful birds and of course, the giant squirrel, who decided to just scoot by me.

Giant Squirrel at the Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp
Giant Squirrel at the Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp

After a good breakfast, we guys, walked around and took in a few more sights. And with great reluctance check-out to return to our urban lives. 

Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp is an amazing experience for not just adults but kids as well. The camp is quite well developed for its activities and stay and the staff hospitable. From this post on, I have included a section of my rating on various stay options that I talk of – something that will help all you guys make a choice. 

As far as the Bheemeshwari experience goes – A definite must visit- whether a #dayouting or a weekend getaway for all Bangalore or Mysore folks.

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What is the best way to get to Bheemeshwari Nature Camp?

The only way to reach Bheemeshwari is by car or a hired cab. There are no buses to the camp. It is around 100kms from Bangalore and can be approached by 2 routes – 

1) Bangalore – Kanakpura – Sathanur- Muthathi – Bheemeshwari
2) Bangalore – Ramnagara – Halaguru – Bheemeshwari

The first one is the most used and recommended. Though if you are coming from Mysore, the second one would be better

We had taken the first route and it was a smooth drive all the way. The roads are tarred and well-marked right up to the camp. Plenty of sign-boards to look out for on this route.

Travel Tips

  • Here is the official website for Bheemeshwari Nature camp or Cauvery Fishing Camp
  • The weather here is quite pleasant throughout the year. Carry enough clothes as there is a lot of water activities here. Also, it gets a little nippy in the evening. A light woolen sweater or shawl is recommended
  • Carry some mosquito repellent – may need the same in the evening.
  • Comfortable walking or trekking shoes are recommended. 
  • Binoculars are good as there is plenty of wildlife and bird life to be spotted here.
  • While the camp has a medical kit, advisable to carry a small one for yourself too. 
  • There are no shops nearby and hence, you may want to carry a few short eats. Else you will be at the mercy of the dine times.
  • There is low or no mobile connectivity here. 
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  1. Ami, what a lovely place this seems. Only hope tourists are responsible when they visit. It has always distressed me that people seek beauty only to carelessly destroy it.

  2. Thanks Lata. The place has been maintained quite well and the tourists here are a little polished as well. Jungle Lodges is part govt and part private and hence, the quality remains. Fingers crossed on this 🙂

  3. I’m pretty sure that when we visit India we need some time here in the middle of busy traveling. It sounds great.

  4. The Bheemeshwari fishing camp is indeed an enchanting and peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore. It is so nice that we have places like these which we can get away to quickly to relieve the stress of urban life and rejuvenate in the lap of nature.


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