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Waiting is a “means to the end” and for a traveler it means that you would have “arrived” at the end of the waiting. For a restless traveler like me, it adds to the restlessness. However, have figured a few sure shot ways of using the wait to add to the ultimate thrill of arriving at my destination. Here are my top 5 ways of using this wait.

1) Research your destination

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Read, read and read up on all possible nooks and corners that your destination has to offer. Get information on the best places to eat out, shopping that you cannot miss or some local trivia or legend that you want to explore. An entertaining manner to do this is even through fiction centered around your destination – like I read Angels and Demons whilst heading to the Vatican. It definitely added to the charm of that place.

A good place to take on this tip is my blog. So don’t forget to bookmark it. 😉

2) Snap out of it

Across the Swiss-German border

Warning: This tip maybe useful only for people who are traveling on any vehicle other than an aeroplane 😉Experiment with your camera. Click your journey through. Find bliss and share your wait through beautiful pictures of your wait- whether interesting people or just pure nature along the way. Experiment in your phone, edit pictures and just preserve those memories. Here is one of the many shots from my travel –

3) Game it away

And no, I do not mean the e-games. Chuck your phone and indulge in a few mind games with a fellow traveller. If you are traveling with kids, this might help you entertain them as well. Invent some word or travel games or play the old ones. Add an incentive of the winner buying you the next break.

4) Talk it away

Make friends with your co-travelers, exchange information on new destinations, share experiences on the old ones and basically, yap it away. A Caveat- keep it simple and non personal without giving away too much information about self. We don’t want a stalker, do we? 😉

5) And finally, the fail-safe tip – Doze it off

If all of the above fail, just close your eyes and add a smile to your lips to dream about your destination. 🙂 . Add that sound factory of lovely soothing music to add more colors to your dreams. But don’t forget to set your alarm to get up on time, lest you overshoot your destination.

Happy waiting Dear Traveler!!!

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