Best Ways to Plan a Budget-Friendly Trip to Europe from India

Traveling to European countries can be exciting for many, but the process of preparing for the entire trip is quite intimidating, especially for first-time travelers. From visas to flight tickets, accommodation to the itinerary- a lot of planning goes behind a successful foreign trip. Things can become slightly challenging when you’re planning a budget-friendly trip to one of the supposedly expensive tourist destinations.

London Eye_One of things to do in London
London Eye_One of the things to do in London

If you don’t want to break your bank, but at the same time, don’t want to compromise with your upcoming Europe trip, we have some great travel tips for you. When it comes to planning for a budget-friendly trip to Europe from India, it is best to narrow down the places you must visit. Check out cheap European countries to visit from India to know more. After you have decided the places you must visit, follow more tips mentioned below, you’ll be able to enjoy a worthwhile trip to a beautiful European country well within your budget. So let’s head straight to the tips.  

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Choose European Cities that are Affordable for Indian Tourists

There is no denying that Europe is expensive. But luckily, there are some European countries that offer a stellar travel experience for a small to moderate budget. Though Western Europe is very expensive compared to the Eastern Europe side, you might want to shortlist countries based on your travel preference.

View of Split Croatia
View of Split Croatia

Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia are some of the cheap European countries to visit from India, but you can look for more affordable options based on your interest. Depending on whether you’re an art person, adventure lover, history buff, nightlife explorer, foodie, or something else- choose a European city that will satisfy the travel lust in you. 

Consider the Travel Season

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It is not just the physical season but about the lean travel season that you must consider when planning your trip to Europe from India

One most often neglected aspect by budget travelers is the travel season. It is a known fact that hotels and flights charge a lot on the higher side during the travel season. If you truly want to enjoy the best of everything, try to schedule your trip to Europe from India during the offseason.

Besides lower prices on accommodation, flights, and even activities, you will also get to enjoy lesser crowds around. Not all European cities will have the same travel season, so conduct your research based on the European country you’re planning your travel to. 

Do Some Research & Work on Your Budget

Europe is a place where you can easily spend a little over $20 for just one burger or add in a few more dollars to have a hearty full meal. It all depends on the type of locations you choose within your selected European country. Let’s understand this with an example. If you’re heading to Eastern Europe, you might need around 40-80 EUR per day, including the food, sightseeing, commute, and a few other expenses for cheap travel.

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However, the same estimate might double if you travel to Western Europe. Hence, always do the research with regards to the place you plan to visit. Note down the approximate expenses on a piece of paper as it’s more effective than just thinking about the budget or expenses figuratively. Once you’ve done the research and allocated your budget to each activity, you’re sorted for most of the Europe trip from India.

Start Saving Early for a Worthwhile Trip to Europe from India

It might sound cliché, but saving does help a lot. Traveling abroad does require a lot of time for planning. The best time to start saving for your dream Europe trip is usually a few months before the scheduled travel date. Cut down on any unwanted or unnecessary expenses and keep them aside exclusively for your trip. When you club these savings with some money-saving tips shared below, you’re sure to have the best travel experience of your lifetime.

Commute Within Budget

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Irrespective of the European country you choose to visit, you’ll find abundant commute options. While taxis are mostly expensive, buses and metro are relatively affordable. If you have the itinerary ready, use online maps to understand the travel routes from your booked accommodation to the places you’ve planned to visit. Check what metro or bus route would be near and how much would it cost.

Thanks to the internet, travelers can get all this information online. The only con is this step will take much of your time. But ensure your entire commute activity is planned as per your budget. Besides buses and metro, also check if you can reach some places on foot, exploring the local scene in a better way.

Look for Value Entry Passes to Touristic Locations

If you plan to visit multiple landmarks and tourist destinations, you should look for a travel pass that includes entry to all those locations. The best part of getting such passes is you don’t have to stand in line to get tickets for each landmark, and you also get to enjoy discounts–which wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

There are various reliable and popular travel websites that offer value travel passes for different European cities at great discounts. So make sure you get them for a convenient and budget-friendly travel experience.

Make Airfare & Accommodation Bookings Wisely

Airfare and accommodation expenses make up for the biggest expenses in the entire travel budget. If you can save here, you’ll end up having a pretty decent travel budget. You can save on your airfare and accommodation by making the booking months in advance of your travel date as prices are affordable in the early months.

Another way to save is by planning your travel, and hence, booking the flight and hotel during the off-season. If you’re traveling during the main season, look for some discounts or deals available online to claim instant discounts at checkout. 

Eat at Local Small Eateries, Instead of Luxury Restaurants

Things to do in Amsterdam - Try out some Street Cafes
Things to do in Amsterdam – Try out some Street Cafes

A great way to explore the local flavors without burning a hole in the pocket is by eating at local, small eateries. Fine dining in any European city will cost you a lot, so always look for small shops, cafes, bakeries, or even roadside stalls that serve the local cuisine. If you’re still willing to try a plush restaurant at least once during your trip, look for dining passes online as you might get some discount with it.

Search for Activities on a Budget

The best part of traveling to Europe is finding activities in all price ranges. If you’re spot on with your research, you can even find some activities that are free or cost a negligible amount. You can search for such activities by asking for information from fellow travelers who have been to the place you’re planning to visit.

You can easily find and connect with them on online travel forums, communities, and social media platforms. Those who have hard luck finding suggestions on forums can refer to the resources put up by seasoned travel vloggers and bloggers.

Try Your Luck with Hitchhiking

Want to blend adventure and excitement in your Europe trip? If yes, you should try hitchhiking your way to certain places. Hitchhiking is prevalent in Europe, so don’t worry about resorting to this option.

You can easily find friendly people giving you a lift without asking you for any money in return. This can turn out to be a real fun adventure and the most memorable part of your trip. However, be careful and avoid taking a lift from any person that looks suspicious. Also, avoid doing this at odd hours of the day.

Tips for a Safer Travel

Besides keeping the above crucial points in mind, you should also be mindful of the following tips for a pleasant travel experience.

Get Travel Insurance

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Though not mandatory, having international travel insurance ensures you have peace of mind during your travel. This insurance will cover you against financial losses in events of baggage theft, lost passports, change in travel dates, flight delays, etc. It will also cover you under a COVID emergency in the tourist destination.

Be Aware of Scammers

Although all European countries are safe, you should not take the risk of leaving your bag and other valuables casually on the park bench or any other place. Always be mindful of your belongings while traveling.

Stay Away from Phishing Travel Websites

If you’re making all the travel bookings yourself and not taking the help of travel agents, make sure you make the bookings from reliable and popular travel websites. Avoid any travel website that looks suspicious or is offering deals that are too good to be true.

When you take into account the above tips, you can expect to have a memorable and budget-friendly trip to Europe from India with your loved ones. You can also add more pointers to the list if you want and keep them handy while preparing for the trip to avoid missing anything important.

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