The Billion Miles Festival by Jet Airways gets me a step closer to my dream

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Koutoubia Mosque, Marrakech 

One of the places that I am obsessed with is Marrakech in Morocco. I remember that I got curious about it when I first read it in a fiction thriller. The place attracted me for some unfathomable reason and I got so obsessed that I did a complete research on it. In fact, it was one of my first few blog pieces on where I would want to go next and why. In case you have missed that, you can have a look at it here. I still have not been here for many reasons – the main being budgets. However, I just got closer to Marrakech, thanks to the Billion Miles Festival by Jet Airways. Let me explain how –

Billion Miles Festival by Jet Airways

Jet airways is running a special promotion, where every ticket booked during this period will not just be earning their regular miles but also, bonus miles. These bonus miles range from 1500 miles to 10,000 miles depending on the sector and class of travel. These are guaranteed miles on your purchase.

Image Credits: Jet Airways

However, this is not all! There are 100,000 miles that are to be gifted to 40 lucky people every day. And if Lady luck is really favoring you, then you might be a winner of that one jackpot prize at the end of this promotion – 1 million JP (Je Privilege) miles.  The best part is when you apply these miles to your own dream destination (anywhere in this world), you might be whooping up with joy just as I did with Marrakech.

How do the JPMiles by Jet Airways work?

If you think the above sounds like a math promotion, I don’t blame you. However, I am sure once you understand what it means, it will be easier and more exciting than plain boring numbers.

Jet Airways

Every Jet Privilege Member or JP member can redeem these miles for various rewards during the year. Some suggested ways are –

  • Upgrades from Economy to Business Class
  • Redeem miles for free tickets within Jet airways network (even their code sharing airlines)

When you consider 1 million miles, suddenly, the whole picture changes and that is what happened with me. Suddenly, Marrakech was not far away!

Marrakech with Jet Airways miles

Marrakech at Night    

Typically, a travel from Bengaluru to Marrakech would cost me anything between INR 100,000 to 150,000 for a round trip. Add to that the cost of hotels (which is not cheap) and the other travel costs. All said and done, I knew that this will require me to save up quite a bit before I attempt heading there. However, if lady luck sticks with me, then, I might be able to work around and manage this within a smaller budget. Here is how I calculated my dream destination using the JPMiles Calculator on the Jet Airways site.

Bengaluru to Abu Dhabi in Jet Airways – 40,000 JPMiles for a round trip

Abu Dhabi to Casablanca in Etihad Airways (partner airlines) – 48,000 JPMiles for a round trip

Casablanca to Marrakech in their domestic airlines – INR 11,000 for a round trip.

All well within that jackpot of 1 million miles. And all I have to do is just book the rest of my travel through the year by March 31st. In the budget that I would spend only for Marrakech, suddenly, I am booking my travel till May for other destinations, earning the JPMiles for booking and praying hard that Lady Luck blesses me with that 1 million JPMiles. So, wish me luck!

How can you be a part of this initiative by Jet Airways?

It is not just me, who can dream big. You guys too, can be a part of this initiative and use the JPMiles to your advantage. All you have to ensure is that you are a part of their JetPrivilege program. This can be done at no cost and once you have that, you need to book your travel for the year during this promotion period. Yes, there is a chance that you may not get the jackpot or the daily price but with the assured bonus JPMiles for your bookings through their app or website, you can definitely stand to gain much more than what you would otherwise. If you are all set to check it out, just click on the JetAirways Website. Remember you can book only till 31st March 2017 for tickets that are valid till 31st May 2017.

I would say – take advantage and bring your own dream destination one step closer as I have 🙂



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