Awe-inspiring Sunset destinations in Karnataka

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Driving off into the sunset has always been the most romantic thing you can do. Even if your life doesn’t mirror a Rom-Com, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a beautiful sunset. Especially if you live in Karnataka or are on a vacation in Karnataka. Get your fill of these breath-taking play of sun and shadows by traveling to these stunning sunset destinations of Karnataka.

Without further ado, let’s take a look.


Atop the Hemakuta hills, near Virupaksha temple, Hampi

Hampi is such a beautiful blend of heritage structures, rocky hills and hillocks that watching the sun go down here is an experience in itself. The sky changes to various hues of pink lighting up the uniquely formed rocks which is nothing short of a visual treat. One of the spots to enjoy this is across the ruins of Hemakuta Hills.

Malpe Beach, Udupi

Sunset Destinations in Karnataka - Malpe Beach, Udupi

The sunset at Malpe Beach is beyond comparison. To enjoy a private sunset, make sure to drive off a few kilometers off the main beach. As the sun sets and shines on the crashing waves, you will find yourself immersed in immense peace and tranquility. The beach in Udupi has plenty more to do just before the sunset.

Gokarna Beach

Kudle Beach, Gokarna

Another beach on the list but it is definitely worth mentioning. If you happen to travel to Gokarna for its beauty, the sunset is definitely the cherry on the cake. You’ll find yourself transfixed as the sun sets and casts an orange glow on the rocky beach making everything else fade away to the background. What is more is that there are plenty of beaches for you to choose from.

Know more about Gokarna right here.

Sunset Destinations of Karnataka – Agumbe

Sunset Destinations of Karnataka, Agumbe

Set your sights on this village for its dense forests isn’t the only thing that draws crowds in. The exquisite sunset is beyond compare. Even if you don’t intend on exploring the forest, do make a pit stop during sunset. It is quite something to see the sprawling green hills douse to orange silhouettes.


Sunset at Raja's Seat, Coorg

You go to Coorg for its aromatic coffee, beautiful landscapes and waterfalls but you stay for the phenomenal sunset. If you’re in Karnataka, Coorg should be a top priority. Head to the Raja’s Seat for a glorious view of the sun bidding us good night.

Lalbagh, Bangalore

Point for Sunset in Lalbagh

If you ever want to catch a mind-blowing sunset in Bangalore, Lalbagh Botanical Garden is the place to do it. Located on a small hillock, a pleasant climb later, you will be greeted by a charming sunset that will soon become your favourite. Lalbagh with its greenery is definitely a spot that you shouldn’t miss along with the other tourist spots in Bangalore. Extend your stay by checking into one of the many picturesque resorts in Bangalore


Don’t mind a little chilly weather? Make your next visit to Kodachadri. A beautiful landscape mystified by the mist, Kodachadri is also a popular destination among trekkers. The marvelous sunset is an added bonus at the end of that thrilling hike through its jungles.


Sunset at Kemmanugundi

A hill station favored by none other than Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV , Kemmannugundi is an adventure lover’s paradise. The erstwhile summer capital of the king, this place treats you to its unique flora and fauna nestled around its forests, gorgeous valleys and waterfalls. It is not surprising that the sunset here is one that you cannot miss.


Sunset over the monuments of Pattadakal

Satisfy your inner artist by paying a visit to this UNESCO heritage that is just begging to be explored. Beautiful monuments, old temples, intricate and detailed carvings just transport you to the Golden age. An evening stroll around the site and you are sure to stumble upon one of your favorite sunset


If Shimoga is on your bucket list, make sure to also visit the lush greens of Thirthahalli. Made famous by the Kuvempu, a Kannada literate scholar, the sunset here is so stupefying that it is a wonder that it’s free.

Nagarhole National Park

Sunset over a resort in Nagarhole

Your love for both nature and wildlife will definitely draw you to Nagarhole. The thick canopy and raw beauty aside, the sunset here will leave you astonished making it one of the very best sunset destinations in Karnataka. One experience of it and you know why the wildlife loves it here


Stray away from the mainstream locations in the sleepy town of Joida. Primarily known for the Supa Dam across Kali River, the sunset turns a vibrant shade of amber that you shouldn’t miss for the world.

Bonus Sunset Destination of Karnataka – Bheemana Gudda

If picture-perfect skies are your thing, Bheemana Gudda is the place to be. An inviting climb later, you are greeted by a bird’s eye view of the Aghanashini Valley and watch as the sun sets and the skies disintegrate into various shades of yellow, orange, and pink.

Even if you’re not someone who likes to bask in the beauty of a sunset, these 13 sunset destinations will definitely change your mind. Relinquish control and enjoy the peace and quiet in these beautiful locations and let the humdrum of your everyday life fade into the background.


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