Adlabs Aquamagica: A perfect outing with kids

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The invite to visit the Adlabs Aquamagica came at a perfect time, just as I was heading to Pune with my daughter for her summer holidays. With the crazy Pune heat, it did not take me much to convince my cousin and niece to accompany me. So, we booked a few extra tickets & headed to the waterpark at Khopoli, along the Mumbai-Pune highway.

Adlabs Aquamagica

Adlabs Aquamagica is a perfect outing for the kids, especially for the summer. With its newly opened Snomagica park, beating the heat was never so easy.

One thing about Theme parks is that when you go with kids, there are quite a few rides that you have to sit out for, as the kids are too young to be allowed in. However, with Adlabs Aquamagica, you will find that most of the rides are kid-friendly. – thrilling enough and not too difficult for them. This makes the park super fun for families as you will actually be enjoying them all with your kids – double fun, double enjoyment.

Among the various rides and slides that we experienced, I asked my daughter to give me 5 highlights of her day at AquaMagica and here is what she chose :

1) SnoMagica


One hour of snow, music, igloos, polar bears and penguins  – a complete extreme to the heat outside. Add in some fun with snowballs and slides, there is no reason why the kid in you will not pop out to have some fun.

At SnoMagica

And talk of becoming an Ice-Princess. I think I played my part well.


Not used to the cold, my daughter tired out in 30 minutes. Frozen Toes is definitely not her cup of tea. However, the time that she was there, she totally enjoyed herself and she does claim that as long as she gets short breaks, would love to do it again.

2) Boomeranggo

Boomerango, Adlabs Aquamagica

When you are released at top speed from a steep slide, there is no way that you can avoid a boomerang at the other end. Check out the tight facial expressions of thrill on the faces 😀

Boomeranggo at Adlabs Aquamagica

And then, they boomeranged to the other side before slowing down.

Boomeranggo at Adlabs Aquamagica

3) The Screamer

The Screamer at Adlabs Aquamagica

Not once, not twice, not even thrice, the little minx with her cousins went in this ride at least 4 times. A ride for a trio, she loved this ride for the sheer thrill of unknown corners, dark holes and the wildly oscillating raft. Had I not dragged her off, she probably would have done it once more. 🙂

The Screamer at Adlabs Aquamagica

4) Splash

Splash at Adlabs Aquamagica

Simple but a fun ride, especially, if you want to race someone. The thrill in this ride is the sheer loss of control , as you slide down with no sides to hold, no rafts to grab and no mats to grasp. All you have is a free fall along this wide slide. I sure had fun on this one.

5) The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay at Adlabs Aquamagica

Nothing chilling and nothing thrilling here. A perfect place to play hide and seek with your kids – be it teens or toddlers. This is like a jungle gym with slides all around, guns spouting water, huge buckets tumbling on your heads and tons of hidey holes. Pirate bay is perfect to start your day or even end it. It helped us first get used to the water and later cool down before we headed to change back to dry clothes. Here are some more pictures of this attraction.

Toddler slide at Adlabs Aquamagica
Showers to start your day in the Pirate Bay at Adlabs Aquamagica

Other Highlights of Adlabs Aquamagica

Swirl Whirl

In addition to the these rides, we were tempted to go to the highlight of the park. Swirl Whirl. A steep slide through the hollows of a tunnel straight onto a swirl. When we watched the others give it a go, it felt as if they were being sucked into infinity. Check it out.

Swirl Whirl at Adlabs Aquamagica
Swirl Whirl at Adlabs Aquamagica

Loopy Whoopy

For the adults, one slide to try out, is the Loopy Whoopy. I definitely did not want to go through it but it was fun seeing the others, have a free fall through a tube and loop out into a pool. Me? I like thrills but did not fancy getting stuck in a tube and definitely, did not want to travel through it like a toothpaste 😀

Unfortunately, thanks to my carelessness, my picture of this slide got deleted but just to give you and idea, check out the picture of the Lazy River below. The huge roller coaster like structure at the far end is Loopy Whooppy.

Loopy loop at the fart end of this picture

For the not-so-high-thrill lovers, the lazy river, the smaller slides, the wave pool and the mist area are good options to chill out. On the whole, the Adlabs Aquamagica experience was perfect for my little squirt and seeing her thrilled, was a definite high for me. If you are in Mumbai or Pune with family, I would definitely recommend taking a break to experience this waterpark. Just as a reminder to yourself, don’t forget to pin this to your travel list 🙂


Getting to Adlabs Aquamagica:

  • You can get to Khopoli by driving along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. You can opt for the Adlab Aquamagica bus or a taxi, both of which can be booked online. If you want to be a master of your own time, go for the taxi, which is quite reasonably priced. It will pick you from your location and drop you back there.
  • Alternatively, you can get to Khopoli by train from Mumbai or Pune and take a bus or cab down to the park. There is a free shuttle bus by Adlabs Aquamagica at 10:20 a.m everyday.

Travel Tips:

  • Here is the official website to Adlabs Aquamagica. You can check the same out for booking your tickets and conveyance to this theme park. Adlabs also, has a dry rides section called Imagica within the same park. The entrance for the same requires a separate booking.
  • The tickets to Adlabs Aquamagica is INR 1099 (not inclusive of taxes) for an adult . Kids below three years are free. For the rest, you need to pay INR 999. Senior citizens are allowed entry for INR 599. There is some discount for college students.
  • Snowmagica when bought as a package, is INR 399 per person for a one hour session.
  • The park also, offers some group packages and birthday packages.
  • Remember to bring a change of clothes when heading to Aquamagica. Carry your swimsuits as no other clothing is allowed on the rides.
  • Dress comfortably in cotton clothes for Snowmagica. A coat, galoshes and gloves will be provided at Snowmagica. However, please carry your own socks as they do not allow you without them. If you forget, you can buy them off the rack, at the park.
  • The access to Aquamagica requires you to take a small cable car from the entrance to the park.
  • Adlabs Aquamagica have a lovely store that stocks theme park goodies. It is also, handy for you to buy Swimwear and swimming accessories. The pricing at the store is fairly reasonable. There is a similar store in Snomagica with winter gear.
  • There is plenty of shade and seating available for those who do not wish to do any rides.
  • The Food cafes are quite decent at the park. You can opt for snack items or a full meal while here.
  • You can avail of the locker facility to keep your belongings when in the water park. The rental for the same is INR 150 and the refundable deposit is INR 200.
  • Strollers and wheel chairs are available on rent at the park.
  • One can opt to stay over at Novotel hotel at the park. This will help you enjoy both the Imagica and Aquamagica sections of the park.
  • When opting for the cab through Aquamagica, please clarify that the cab is AC and includes all the expressway tolls. Ours was all inclusive but the cab driver was not briefed. Luckily, after a few calls, it was sorted out.
  • Here are some dos and donts of the Snomagica world. These should give you some more tips for this section.
Snomagica Instructions


P.S: I was invited by Adlabs Aquamagica to spend a day with my daughter at their park. However, the opinions expressed here are purely based on our own experience.



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