3 places in Bengaluru for Kids

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In case you have been wondering where I have been, well! Summer holidays have begun and I have been out the last couple of days entertaining my nephews and daughter. No! Not traveling out of Bengaluru, but here within Bengaluru. –ย experiencing these 3 places in Bengaluru for kids.

While it was fun, it sure was challenging entertaining these bunch of mischief mongers.ย Two big reasons.

  1. It has been hot in Bangalore – touching over 38 degrees Celsius.
  2. The terrible threes belong to different age groups – one is a 10 year old, second 5 year old and the youngest is just 18 months. The one thing common among them ย – they are all hyperactive!!!

Malls seemed to be the easiest choice but there is only one day that could work. Besides, I was keen that they did something different. That is where these three places in Bangalore for the kids, promised me fun and excitement. And they also, brought out the kid in me ๐Ÿ™‚

Girias Children’s Explorium in Bengaluru

This one was staring at me, right on my face. I used to pass by this place almost every day, as my work place was right next door and I never ventured in to discover what it was all about. I merely assumed that it was a high end toy shop. Bang on the Inner Ring Road, close to the 100 feet road, Indiranagar, Girias Children’s Explorium is a discovery center for the kids.

Spread over 25,000 sq ft, the Explorium offers 6 engaging galleries for the kids to play and discover basic concepts of life. What makes it even more fun, is that it allows adults to play along with the kids, making it a perfect bonding time for the parents and kids. Here is what you can expect at Girias Explorium –

Explore Gallery

Girias Children's Explorium, Bengaluru
Girias Children’s Explorium, Bengaluru

The massive structure that you see can be climbed by kids of all ages.The structure is fairly safe and easy to climb and as you ascend, you will discover new challenges and surprises – like the star studded dome that my daughter dragged me to. I loved crawling through the tunnels as you can see ๐Ÿ˜‰

Girias Children's Explorium, Bengaluru
Girias Children’s Explorium, Bengaluru

Build Gallery

Creativity at its best. Just leave the kids to dismantle what is made and make their own and voila! You have some amazing expressions of art and pride. Here is what my kids made with the soft blocks.

Girias Children's Explorium, Bengaluru
Girias Children’s Explorium, Bengaluru

One fun part of this gallery was this pin board that took the shape of your body. We had fun experimenting with different body postures, expressions and positions on this impression board. My favorite was the impression of the side profile of my hubby’s face.

Girias Children's Explorium, Bengaluru
Girias Children’s Explorium, Bengaluru

Invent Gallery

Though for slightly older kids, there is no reason why the younger ones can’t have fun here. Floating balls and Balloon ejectors ย -Magic for the younger ones and Science for the older ones.

Girias Children's Explorium, Bengaluru
Girias Children’s Explorium, Bengaluru

The highlight of this Gallery is the working model of the Digger and Crane. The kids can actually operate the machine and try to pile up the sand in the pit using the digger. Or lift the heavy bricks using the crane. The kids can dress up complete with their construction hats and sit on this machine to enjoy themselves.

Splash Gallery

Water fun all through! Simple concepts like fountains to complex ones like construction of dams are well explained through interactive puzzles.

Girias Children's Explorium, Bengaluru
Girias Children’s Explorium, Bengaluru

A toddler play area takes care of the smaller kids.Concepts like the force of water explained through fun races with rubber duckies.

Girias Children's Explorium, Bengaluru
Girias Children’s Explorium, Bengaluru

We guys, had a complete blast here. And without, getting the kids drenched. Thanks to the thoughtful aprons given to the kids at the start of the section.

Live Gallery

One of my little ones went shopping, another one became the cashier in the same store. The third one became a chef in a restaurant. ๐Ÿ™‚ In case you have not guessed it, this section is all about role playing.

Girias Children's Explorium, Bengaluru
Girias Children’s Explorium, Bengaluru

The entire toy supermarket is so much fun for the kids, with rows of vegetables and fruits as in the real one. The milk bottles and water bottles stocked and a small cashier’s desk complete with a bar code reader. I wish I was a kid again!

Create Gallery

Girias Children's Explorium, Bengaluru
Girias Children’s Explorium, Bengaluru

“Don’t paint on the walls” is a rant that will not work here. From Glass painting to clay modeling and fun sketching – this gallery is all about unleashing the artistic flare within your kids. I loved the fact that the kids were allowed to paint all over the Glass in the Glass painting section.

Besides these sections, there is a small library for the kids. The higher floors have a small cafe for the kids as well as a small toy shop (real one :-)). ย Time passed so swiftly while we were here and we literally, had to drag the kids home. The Girias Explorium truly was a fun day-out for the kids.

Travel Tips:

  • Girias Explorium can be reached through Volvo buses, regular buses, cabs or auto rickshaws from any part of Bengaluru. It is located on Inner Ring Road, Domlur. (Landmark – Opposite Dell)
  • Here is the official website for the Explorium
  • The Explorium is open on all days of the week from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm
  • Kids are charged at INR 600 on weekdays and INR 750 on weekends for unlimited play time. Adults are charged INR 200 on weekdays and INR 250 on the weekends. One can even gift vouchers for play time. Details for the same can be found on the website.
  • The staff at the Explorium are well trained and knowledgeable. They not only, handle the kids well but also, explain the basic concepts to them.
  • One can celebrate a kids’ birthday party. You can check the website for details on how to arrange for the same.
  • The Explorium also, offers quarterly, half yearly and yearly memberships for kids.

Play Arena

Play Arena, Bengaluru
Play Arena, Bengaluru

Day two of entertaining the terrible threesome took us to the Play Arena on Sarjapur Road. A sheltered paradise for adventure and sports lovers, the Play Arena offers tons of choice for adults and kids. Spread over 6 acres, this place has a lovely artificial grass football play ground, an amazing swimming pool, indoor badminton courts, volley ball and throwball sand pit as well as adventure activities like Ropeway, trampoline etc. ย The place boasts of 30 different sports within its campus.

Play Arena, Bengaluru
Play Arena, Bengaluru

If you are a large group, you will love this place for its team activities like paint ball, bowling, cricket and laser tag.ย And if you like to show off a few tricks on your skateboard or skates, there is a lovely skating rink within the Arena.

Play Arena, Bengaluru
Segway Track at Play Arena, Bengaluru

We tried the Segway track, a bit of ropeway and loads of trampoline. Later we retired indoors, to play some Laser Tag, the one arena where the kids and adults play together and act as if they are the same age.:-) Not just during the game, but also, after it when ย we all get report cards to tell you how we performed.

Play Arena, Bengaluru
Bowling Alley. Play Arena, Bengaluru

We ended our time here with a game of bowling. What did we do about our youngest one?

Toddler's Play Area. Play Arena, Bengaluru
Toddler’s Play Area. Play Arena, Bengaluru

We just let him loose in the kids’ play area – safe, fun and open.

Travel Tips:

  • Play Arena is located on the Central Jail Road, Sarjapur. Reaching Sarjapur Road is easy. One can take a cab or an auto or even a volvo bus. If you are taking the bus, you need to turn in towards the Central Jail Road and walk up the road, or take an auto till the venue.
  • The official website of Play Arena can be accessed here. This is open from 11 am to 11 pm on all days.
  • The pricing here is per activity. One can avail of different packages when here.
  • The Arena is well-equipped with cafes and a restaurant. Hence, spending a day here would not be a problem. Besides the in-campus restaurants, one can even find restaurants around the place.
  • Pre-booking on weekends is advisable as certain activities like football can be blocked for a game for a substantial period of time. The pre-booking can be done on their website or over phone.



Wonderla, Bengaluru
Wonderla, Bengaluru

Given the soaring temperatures and the overactive kids, we definitely, needed to cool off and what better than a water park. Wonderla, the water-theme park is on the outskirts of Bangalore and this was not the first time, we were heading here. In fact, we have been there multiple times and one thing I can tell you about this park, is that it is extremely well maintained. The water park is not just clean but very innovative, in terms of the rides it offers.

At the onset, I will warn you that I did not take enough pictures here as I was out enjoying the wet rides and my camera and phone were safely locked up in the locker room ๐Ÿ™‚

Normally, we start off our day at the park with dry rides but this time on, we went straight to the wet ones – starting off with a huge bucket of water splashing on our heads.

Wet Rides section of Wonderla, Bengaluru
Wet Rides section of Wonderla, Bengaluru

The wet rides has several types of slides – and depending on your appetite for adrenaline, you can pick the ones to suit you. From vertical drops to treacherous tunnels to the racing slides – each one guaranteed to give you a dose of excitement and fun. Me? Proud to say that I have tried them all, though this time, I stuck to the ones that appealed to the kids.

After a good meal, we snoozed on those swim rings around the lazy river and then headed to the Jungle magic and wave pool for some more fun.

After changing back to our dry clothes, the kids attempted some of the dry rides. For the adults, there are some high adrenalin ones like the giant roller coaster, the mixer, the hurricane and Maverick. When I say high adrenalin – they sure can make the bravest scream aloud. I have done a few earlier, but this time it was all about the kids and we did not get around to trying them again.

Wonderla, Bengaluru
Wonderla, Bengaluru

There are plenty of rides for toddlers too – cute little trains, carousels and buggies to name a few. With the kids having a blast, we had a tough time dragging them out of the park. Wonderla each time, is just so much fun and each time, there is a new ride added. Which is possibly why, we in Bangalore keep heading back to this theme park.

Travel Tips:

  • You can reach Wonderla by cabs or BMTC buses. In fact, if you opt for the latter, you even get a 15% off on your admission tickets.
  • The official website of Wonderla can be found here.
  • Stay options are available at the resort in Wonderla. The prices for the same can be found on their website.
  • The park is open on all days from 11:00 to 7:00pm. However, the wet ride section opens at 12pm and closes by 6:00 pm.
  • The park fees are INR 1100 for adults and INR 900 for kids. Students have special offers. Park entry is free if you are staying in their resort. .
  • Lockers are available at the Theme Park for INR 100.
  • Outside food is not allowed in the park. The park has several food courts with decent food options.
  • One can grab a wrist-band wallet at the entrance and pre-load it with currency so that you don’t have to carry any cards or cash when going on different rides. The park refunds back all the balance, unused amount when you return the wrist bands.

Guess that should explain my absence for the last few days and now that I have shared my three places for kids in Bengaluru, would like to know which one appeals to you for your kids or better still – the kid in you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Waiting for your comments while you pin this onto your Pinterest boards .

3 places in Bengaluru for Kids

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