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One of the things as a blogger I have learnt to do is experiment, especially when it comes to social media. While I can keep writing, it would actually not be of any use, if there isn’t anyone who reads it. Social media is a great way to share the passion that you have put into your writing with potential readers and people who share the same interest at you.

However, when it comes to regular social media, the one challenge that most of us face is the clutter and noise. This is being due to the ocean of topics shared on the social media. Sometimes, your own message gets lost in this sea of ever-changing feed. While we accept this as a challenge and work around it, there is a subconscious wish to cut the clutter and reach out straight to the passionate reader.
Guess what? It was one of those exploratory things that lead me to this new social channel – Affimity which does exactly what my subconscious wish is. After having experimented with it for the last couple of months, I must say that I am quite impressed and hence, this post to share the new discovery with you. Let me start with introducing what Affimity is –

Affimity is an interest-based social media network. Imagine a TV where you have various channels – Travel channels, Cookery, News and general entertainment to name a few.  Based on your interest and mood, you switch to the one that interests you the most and watch the same. Affimity is that kind of a system where the social feed is categorised into specific channels. You can choose your channel and read or post your own feed within that channel.

Channels on Affimity
There are over 30 interest channels – based on your topic of interest. From hobby based  topics like Travel, Food, Fitness, Beauty to serious interests like digital and politics, Affimity has a dedicated channel for all. Each channel has a separate newsfeed that allows its subscribers to  view only discussions and news related to that. The interface is quite simple and similar to the news posts in Facebook, making it very easy for the user to get latch on to. There isn’t any restriction on the number of channels that you have to subscribe to – hence, if you have varied interests, you could be a part of more than one.
Affimity appealed to me from two perspectives – as a travel blogger as well as a passionate traveler. Here is why –

As a Travel Blogger

Screenshot of the Affimity NewsFeed on Travel Channel

1) Sharing with relevant audience – With a base of exclusive travel passionate followers, my posts found a better reception. The Travel channel subscribers were interested in what I posted, queried more and even clicked through my posts – a fact I know for sure as Affimity appeared as a referral traffic on my blog analytics.

2) Flexibility in posting – whether it is just a link post or a poll or even an image post, Affimity allowed me to share as I wished.

My own post on Affimity with followers and response

3) Followers and Friends – I managed to get several friends and followers on the channel itself. Just as you have followers on Twitter and Facebook, Affimity allows its subscribers to follow each other.

4) Engagement – Affimity is a digital TV that was not just about passive viewing but active engagement. Unlike a TV, where you can just view things and not really comment, Affimity allowed my readers to not just view but also, engage with me through comments and queries.

5) Mobile App – Affimity already has a mobile app on both IOS and Android. This definitely works for me as a travel blogger.

As a Passionate Traveler

1) Relevant posts – I was able to browse through at a micro level – basically found specific topics within travel. Also, the absence of clutter from other posts made the entire discovery easier and more relevant
2) Engagement – I was able to engage faster and quicker into meaningful conversations with like-minded fellow travelers
3) Queries and Suggestions – Posting queries and suggestion was not just easy but I found them being answered quicker too. Specially if I were on the move, this can be a useful feature.
So, it does not matter if you are a blogger or not. If you are looking for some like-minded, passionate social conversations on your topic of interest, you might want to give Affimity a try. I stumbled upon this network accidentally and found a lot of value in it . Maybe you might too. And if you are headed there, follow me on this link of Affimity.
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