Unexplored and unspoilt Lepakshi

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Tucked away in a small village near Anantpur, is this little village called Lepakshi with some amazing 16th century treasures. A day trip from Bangalore, the village is around 120 kms from the city. Perfect distance for a family picnic or an awesome bike ride. 

A legend has it that during the age of Ramayana, the bird Jatayu fell down wounded in Lepakshi and hence the name Le pakshi, which in the local language Telugu, means Rise Bird. 

Here are the glimpse of some key attractions of the place –

Monolithic Nandi at Lepakshi

Monolith of Nandi, Lepakshi www.thrillingtravel.in
Monolithic Nandi, Lepakshi
As you enter the village, you encounter the 4.5m high statue of Nandi. Carved out of a single rock granite, this faces the temple and is believed to the 2nd largest monolith in India. The place is fairly well maintained and one can walk through the gardens to the Nandi for a closer look.

The Lepakshi temple

The temple is an active one but is a quiet one. Dedicated to Veerbhadreshwar, this temple also, had sanctums for Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. Each pillar of the temple had a unique carving on it and merely going from one pillar to another can itself be a fascinating journey for any art lover.


One of the sculpted pillars, Lepakshi
One of the sculpted pillars, Lepakshi
One must definitely not miss the hanging pillar as below. Try out the “newspaper” test to see the gap at the base of the pillar. The newspaper will slide through the base to the other side.


The Hanging Pillar
The Hanging Pillar at Lepakshi temple
As you step outside the main temple, you can see the gorgeous open air Kalyana Mantapa or the marriage hall, some pillars still erect as in their glory days.
Open Air Kalyana Mantapa, Lepakshi
Open Air Kalyana Mantapa, Lepakshi

While you are busy looking at the sculpted pillars and the lovely idols, don’t forget to look up at the ceiling of the main temple. You can spot the beautiful Vijaynagar murals on the ceiling. The painted ceilings are mesmerising enough to give you a crick in your neck.

The murals on the ceiling
The murals on the ceiling, Lepakshi

Travel Tips to Lepakshi

  • Carry your own food and water as there are no restaurants or hotels around the village.
  • Lepakshi is known for it weaving and one might want to spend a little time browsing around Dharmavaram and Hindupur – around 1 hour away from this village.
  • The approach roads to the village are tolled highways, except for the last 20 kms. However, the road conditions are not too bad.






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20 Responses

    • Ami

      Thank you. I suppose that is why we call India – Incredible India. 🙂

    • Ami

      Depends on the place Heather. In this case, with Lepakshi, I suggest hiring a car. The place is a little offbeat and there aren’t any tourist buses that go here regularly. I would not recommend the public buses.

  1. Vyjay Rao

    Great photos Ami, have been looking to go here, still not been able to, maybe will plan a trip, once it gets a little cooler in Bangalore 🙂

  2. journalofnomads

    Great photos! The more I read your blog, the more I’m looking forward to be in India (in about 6 months, depending on how fast we will hitchhike through Central Asia).

  3. 2traveldads

    Ooh! Ceiling murals! It’s so easy to forget to look up and see what details you’ll find.

  4. Yogesh

    Planning to head there tomorrow morning.. you have been there at a very good time(weather) and the pics have come out well.
    Lets see how it is tomorrow.

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