12 Types of Travelers

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Happy New Year !

I hope this year brings in lots of luck, love and success for all of you, and of course, lots of travel too. I thought of starting this year with a bit of humor – creating different types of travelers. I have met all kinds during my travels and they seem to fall into certain categories. I admit that I do fall into a category or two here but then, don’t we all?

12 Types of Travelers

Meant as a light-hearted post, I do hope none of you take offence to it. I have exaggerated a few attributes here – just for some laughs. So here goes, my 12 kinds of travelers –

1)The Selfie King/ Queen

Image Credits: Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain

Hey, Selfie Sticks did not become popular overnight.  And thanks to these travelers will always remain popular. This set of travelers are the most common and would be found in any form of travel. They are not self-conscious and have a knack of displaying various facial expressions to suit their background. With or without selfie sticks, they know how to fit the background to make their faces, clothes and accessories look the best. They are amazing at fitting “n” number of faces onto the screen  – sometimes at the expense of the backdrop.

2) The Paranoid Rushers

Image Credits: Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain


They want to squeeze in as much as possible within the limited time. Perpetually stretched for time, you will find these travelers literally breezing through the tourist places, urging their fellow travelers to keep up. Their favorite accessory is a mobile – not for its connectivity but for a time check. Rumors have it that the higher order species of this kind have graduated to setting an alarm each time they stop at an attraction.

3) The Home-Packer

Image Credits: Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain


An opposite of the erstwhile backpacker, these travelers carry every part of their home with them – from matching accessories to even plates, spoons and glasses. Luggage is carried by the day and daily routine. Generally, over-weight, not by their own size but the baggage carried, these species ensure that their travel feels like Home Sweet Home.

4) The Fitness Freak

Image Credits: Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain


These are extremely fastidious creatures, especially when it comes to food. Besides being a calorie calculator, they love walking, running or swimming at the least. For the luxurious ones, a gym is a definite must in the place they stay. A GPS enabled phone is generally hooked to their form to ensure that every step taken by them equals or exceeds their calories intake.

5) The Traveling Pharmacist

Image Credit: Pixabay under CC0


These creatures believe in being prepared for every possible eventuality that can hit them when they move around. Their carry bags are stuffed with remedies – whether it is a mild bruise to seasonal cough or a high case of food poisoning. It is not just about cure but prevention as well. You can identify them with a smell of hand sanitizer and a bottle of mineral water in their bags.

6) The Wanderful Shopper

Image Credits; Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain

Found more at the shopping stalls and markets, this species of travelers feel their trip is incomplete if their luggage does not triple that of what they had come with. A generous variety, they tend to shop for every friend, family and colleague that they have. The highly evolved ones no longer pay for the extra luggage but tend to opt for the courier charges incurred at the places shopped.

7) The Food-Luster

Image Credit: Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain


The Food-Luster has a different form of wanderlust where he or she tends to opt for a culinary form of travel. There are two sub-species here – the first who walk into every possible food option at the place of travel and the second who believe in carrying every possible meal with them.  And of course, there are those who are a hybrid of these two species. Smells and Sounds emanating from these species are the best identification of them.

8) The Frugal-ler

Image Credits: Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain


The Frugal-ler is a traveler who is found with one set of jeans and tons of T-shirts, a single bag and no fixed agenda. Looks for the cheapest form of travel, prefers walking. Frequently inhabits hostels and if not found there, would find them on railway stations and bus stands waiting for their night transport that doubles up as their place of stay.

9) The Plan-Formist

Image Credits: Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain


From the time of travel to the place of travel, the Plan-Formists have it all documented. Extremely knowledgeable, they ensure that all possible information about the places they are planning to visit is captured in documents and distributed to fellow travelers. Any deviation in the plan or time of travel, leads to palpitations. Symptoms of the same are frequent irritation, loss of temper and drastic changes in mood.

10) The Obsessive Capturer

Image Credits: Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain


You can rarely see these travelers as they are hidden behind the lens. They can be identified by the frequent clicking sounds made by cameras. You will find these travelers climbing to various heights or bending to abnormal levels to capture various facets and angles of the places that they visit. The most evolved ones have a huge bag with multiple telescopic instruments and a huge 3 legged stand.

11) The Super Bargainer

Image Credits: Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain


Their destination of travel depends on the available offers and it is not unusual to see them at the same place twice for if that is what the the bargain brings to them, they are game for it.

12) The  Social Animals

Image Credits: Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain


Identified by their social check-ins on popular social channels, these creatures are constantly on their mobile. On visiting a popular place, the first thing that these species are observed to do is click a photograph and share immediately on their social networks. A lot is known about their eating preferences, the places visited and of course, what they are feeling at any point in time. When lost, they are the most easily traceable creatures.

As I mentioned earlier, this post is in lighter vein and there is no intention in hurting anyone. Personally, I belong to a lot of these types of travelers, especially The Obsessive Capturer. :D. Which ones do you identify with? Comment in and let me know.







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  1. Haha! Nice one! I am a mix of a Plan-formist,Obsessive Capturer, The Paranoid Rusher and the Travelling Pharmacist!

  2. You can count me as 10th one. 😛 🙂

  3. Nice Post Ami. Enjoyed your descriptions!!

  4. Glad you liked it … Wow…a blend of four is interesting.

  5. Same pinch to that one 😀

  6. Thanks Hema. Glad you liked it.

  7. lol. Nice one. Perfect images you found.

  8. I think I am a mixture of 2/7/8/9.
    You could add the sleeper? prefers to sleep in every hotel room and doesnt really care about any tourist spots.

  9. Thanks Arun…glad you liked it. yep,found some good illustrative images for it 😀

  10. That is an interesting species – on who loves lounging around. Will make a mention in my next series of traveler species 😀

  11. Nice one.
    Good description and headings with a nice touch of humor 🙂
    I fall into the 10th type. 🙂

  12. You have covered all most all of them 🙂 Good One!

  13. my mother is no.3 while i am no. 10

  14. Haha.. very very nice.. loved reading it..

  15. Hilarious! Really enjoyed the sum up and, most of all, the frogs! Amazing images.

  16. That's awesome list 🙂

    And Character of traveler changes with time. As a Bachelor, you carry different traits. Then job changes few things and gradually marriage brings lot of changes 🙂 .. I can relate to few of these 🙂

  17. This is such a great read dear… I fall into many categories… :-p

  18. I can see myself and my friends in any of these. Love the illustrations.

  19. Hahaha…so right..I'm a mixture of 6,7, and 10 … 😛

  20. Very nice classification on travelers.

  21. I am the plan-formist and I have no shame in that. I completely own it and accept that I need to work on my flexibility. 🙂

  22. 😀 Glad you liked it…Do share it around.

  23. Thanks Anupam. Still researching on other species :D. Will bring them to fore soon

  24. That is so typical of moms. 😀

  25. Thanks Kalpanaa. I just got lucky to get images that complement my write up

  26. Very Valid observation 😀 Maybe for males it does, for females, not sure if it does. 😉

  27. Most of us do Archana. Thanks for stopping by

  28. Thanks Mary. Glad you liked it.

  29. That is a killer combo. 😀

  30. 😀 Like I mentioned, you need one sane person anyway. 😀

  31. This is such a fun read. In fact the best I read today. I am no. 9 minus the irritation and stuff. I have folders, sub folders, expense list, By God, all you can possibly think of. But, I love to experiment. Don't laugh when I say I mentally document the experiment and tick it off from my bucket list. My husband is no 10, minus the tripod. He has to read this post. Too too good, Ami. 🙂

  32. Fitness Freak suits me well.. Funny post and great images.
    Holiday Packages

  33. Haha, I love this post. Good work. 🙂 Which one are you?

  34. I loved this post. I am so many of them. I am a wanderful shopper, a social animal (not during though but most of the other times), food luster and an obsessive capturer.

  35. Such a fun read! I am wondering now, where do I fit in…..

  36. Thanks Saru. So glad you liked it.

  37. Thanks Sonal. I am a lot of the obsessive capturer….can never get enough of any place

  38. Thanks Soumya. Glad you enjoyed the post. Most of us have shades of quite a few of these travelers.

  39. Thanks Nisha. Possibly you are a mix of a few 😀

  40. Lovely post from pure observation. Loved the suitable pictures.

  41. I think I am 10!

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  43. Thank you Blog Adda. Honored 🙂

  44. Super post Ami, when I read the title I was ready to bucket myself in one of the categories but it seems i landed in three types of travellers' hahah 🙂

  45. I love this! I think I am a combination of the last four mentioned!

  46. Thanks Shweta…not surprising that you land up with three… my guess is that most of us will have more than one of these types within us 😀

  47. Thanks Laura…glad you liked it

  48. You need one more category to fit me in 🙂

  49. Ha ha Anuradha. Researching more. Will come up with some more species soon

  50. I think when I started travelling years ago I was the paranoid rusher and the fitness freak. These days I’m more social but I still like to be a plan-formist at times.

  51. I used to be a paranoid rusher, now I'm a little bit of a lot of these but not an extreme example of anything (I hope!).

  52. Funny list. I'm definitely #10, which can get exhausting sometimes 🙂

  53. Ohman. I am definitely a few of these travellers (and probably not in a good way!)

    Good, fun read!

  54. This is hilarious! Loved reading it. 🙂 The pics are so creative. Did you create them?

  55. 😀 The Social Animal seems to be an evolving trend.

  56. 😀 It doesn't matter as long as you enjoy your travel. 😀

  57. Yes, it can. I even go crazy just switching lens 😀

  58. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by

  59. Wish I did create those images but due credits as given. Thanks for stopping by

  60. Great post, I love the pics with the frogs. I must say, I can only find myself in one and that is the obsessive capturer. When travelling, I must tell myself once in a while not to take out my camera. 🙂

  61. Hahaha great post 🙂 I'm definitely a number 10 and afraid I've become a number 12 since I started blogging, too 🙂

  62. This is a brilliant post! I'm a hybrid of a few of those. Love the images too! So funny!

  63. Fun! I'm definitely a planner–though I love to take pictures, too! 🙂

  64. I know what you mean. Sometimes it is the irritation in my hubby's eyes that makes me realise that I need to break from the lens

  65. 😀 Not yet there in my case but I might just head that way soon. 😀

  66. Thanks Nikki. Glad you liked it

  67. 😀 A good combo. Thanks for dropping by

  68. Great Post Ami =) Mhh I am probably a bit of the Rusher,Fitness Freak (see how good these two match 😉 )Also quite a Foodie and still trying to be mostly Frugal…and for some reason if I travel with others I am a Plan Freak…so much more relaxed when I travel alone^^

  69. That is quite a mix. Glad you liked the post…keep sharing the same around to check what kind of travelers are your friends.

  70. This is a fascinating study of traveler types,probably we are all a mix of all these with some traits dominating which define the personality. The frogs are delightful, loved them 🙂

  71. Thanks. We sure are a mix of some of them.

  72. Frog picture 😀 So cute!
    Just liked the page and subscribed! Umm…do you get traffic from Bloglovin'? I don't for some reason 😐
    At 5, I belong to like all of them, except the 2nd one.
    Plan-formist – That just describes my husband – he has everything, literally everything documented that happened or was bought on our honeymoon, even the small stoppage to buy imli-laddoos…phew!
    I'm also 10! Yay!
    What a fun read 🙂 I'm refreshed!

  73. Hey Mansi…thanks for the subscription. Glad you are enjoying the blog.

  74. I am definitely the paranoid rusher. Lol Hilarious look into the types of travelers. I don't have the camera equipment to fit that bill but love capturing everything through the lens as well, and was doing it way before it was "cool". lol You certainly made me smile reading this.

  75. No. 10 here!!! 🙂

  76. ha ha love it great article

  77. Love the photos. I can see myself a bit in all of them, it depends on the destination! 🙂

  78. Thanks Melody. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  79. Would not have expected anything else 😀

  80. True. There is a bit of everything in us

  81. Very nice post Ami. The images you choose are perfect. I think I am the blend of mostly all. But probably the much of Selfie geek, Food-Luster and Social animal one. And my father definitely the paranoid rusher. Lol

  82. Thanks a ton. Glad you enjoyed it. I loved putting it all together.

  83. Maybe even the obsessive capturer 😀

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