5 popular Honeymoon Destinations around India

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The concept of honeymoon is no longer a luxury but more of a custom that is followed by most urban couples. What was earlier a buzz word is now taken for granted and naturally so, given that most urban couples indulge in a small break to tie a knot and are back to their regular busy lives after the wedding. Honeymoon is a perfect excuse to actually spend some quality time with each other, bond without other family members hanging over your shoulders to unwind & rejuvenate after your hectic wedding days. 

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I have noticed of late that there is a trend in Indian middle income households to plan a honeymoon abroad – something that isn’t too heavy on the pockets, yet gives a feel of a foreign destination. Picking affordable yet well known destinations also, has a plus when it comes to squeezing in time from your wedding leave as these honeymoon destinations are quite well organized when it comes to tourism – ensuring you spend less time on the travel and more at the destinations. Luckily for us in India, there are plenty of such honeymoon destinations which are great for couples, easy on the pocket and perfect for short leaves. Here are my pick of 5 such Honeymoon destinations from India.

1) Mauritius for Honeymoon

Mauritius                                                                                           Image Credits: Stuart Richards Under CC by ND 2.0
Beaches, nature, shopping and some nightlife. Sounds like a perfect holiday for two. Though technically in Africa, nestled in the Indian Ocean, with its French influence, Mauritius is often mistaken as an Asian destination. This is a great honeymoon destination for all kinds of couples – ones who like lots of adventure sports to the ones who want a quiet and relaxing holiday or the ones who like to party hard. Every beach in Mauritius offers activities like Paragliding for two, deep sea walking, snorkeling, submarine rides and scuba diving. While your mornings could be occupied with these adrenaline-pumping activities, evenings could be sober with a candle light dinner for two by the sea. 
Alternatively, you can choose to spend your day just relaxing with long walks to unusual nature trails on islands like Ile Aux Aigrettes or along the Chamarel to discover 7 different colored sands in one area and spruce up your evening with the active night life with discos, pubs and casinos in places like the Grand Baie in Mauritius. 
You can also, explore Mauritius with your partner with a romantic self-drive option. Here is one such honeymoon package to Mauritius that offers you an option of a self drive. Depending on your preferences, these holidays can be further customised as required.

2) Maldives

Maldives Image Credits: Mac Qin under CC by ND 2.0 Via Flickr
Maldives                                                                                          Image Credits: Mac Qin under CC by ND 2.0 Via Flickr

This is one of my favorite suggetions for a honeymoon – perfect tranquil place with not too much crowd – clear waters, blue skies and amazing beaches. Most of the resorts here respect your privacy and are well geared to handle honeymooners. You can pick a resort like the Conrad Maldives Rangali or the Hilton  for a room that is under the sea. Almost every Spa here offers you a couple massage therapy  – something to soothen your nerves after a hectic wedding ceremony 😉

Maldives not just offers you regular beach activities but some unusual and fun activities for you to bond with your other half. With its large archipelago of islands, you can opt for some island hopping either by boat or a sea plane, or take a submarine ride to observe the amazing sea life underwater. For a really romantic evening, if you are lucky, your beach would be glowing in the dark with the Bioluminescent Planktons that Maldives gets on its beaches on islands like the Kuredu Island. 
Being a popular destination for honeymooners,there are plenty of interesting and flexible deals for Maldives honeymoon packages. Here is one such link

3) Bali

Uluwatu Temple by the sea, Bali

A little bit of Bali culture, a little bit of beaches, a little of forests and a little of hills. Bali is one of the most versatile honeymoon destinations in Asia. For couples with varied interests, Bali is a perfect honeymoon destination that allows them to pick activities of individual interests and do them together. You can choose to take a cultural tour of Ubud with the traditional Balinese dance and tribal art, or trek up the hills and waterfalls or just spend a romantic evening at Tanah Lot watching the Sun go down. There are several beaches in Bali, each specializing in the sport they offer – from Kuta known for its Surf waves to Nusa Dua beach that offers you water sports like Banana Boats rides and Parasailing. Bali also, offers couples elephant safaris that take them into the tropical forests for some awesome time with nature.

And when it comes to resorts, Bali offers you some of the best resorts – some on the beach, with their Sun beds right under the lovely night skies with fresh sea breeze keeping you fresh.

4) Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur                                                        Image Credits: Ryan Lackey under CC by 2.0, via Flickr
Kuala Lumpur                                                                        Image Credits: Ryan Lackey under CC by 2.0, via Flickr
If you are the kind of couple, who would like a bit of urban city feel along with some hills and beaches, then Malaysia is perfect for you. You can spend some time in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur and experience some high life at their pubs and bars, while taking in the view of the lovely Petronas towers at night. Not to mention the shopping that you can add onto your list. And once you are done, you can head to Genting for a day out at their amusement park. It sure is a different thrill when you have your partner by your side as you ride through the heights and the speed of the amusement rides.
Tioman Island                                                          Image Credits; Calflier001 under CC by 2.0, via Flickr
Tioman Island                                                                              Image Credits; Calflier001 under CC by 2.0, via Flickr
If you aren’t too much of an amusement park person, you can head straight to the gorgeous islands of Langkawi and Tioman Islands for the clear waters, sea caves and lots and lots of nature. A day or two at the resorts here would definitely rejuvenate you. 

5) Thailand

Phi Phi Islands for Honeymoon
Phi Phi Islands                                                                         Image Credits: Harsha K R under CC by SA 2.0, via Flickr

Gear up for some Thai massage, awesome Thai food, lots and lots of shopping and more importantly, clear waters, white sands and nature. Thailand has it all, and what makes it even more amazing is the fact that it is possibly one of the most connected, easiest and most affordable honeymoon destination in Asia. Thailand offers Honeymoon couples a great city experience at Bangkok with its shopping, cultural streets and a bit of history. And once you are done with the same, head to the beaches at Phuket or Krabi and Phi Phi Islands. 

Kayaking with your partner is a perfect opportunity for some couple time  – what with both of you rowing together through the narrow crevices and dark caves of the rocks of Phi Phi Islands. Some of these rocks form a small lagoon, which has some gentle clear water for you to swim around and have some fun. Some of the resorts on these islands also, indulge you with plates of fruits that are made to float on the waters of the lagoon – so that you can grab a bite while you are in water.
These five destinations around India are quite tourist friendly and easy on the pocket, which is why a lot of newly weds head out here for their first official travel together. All perfect to create those first memories together.
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  2. It sure is….but as I mentioned, there are places other than India but in Asia which the young couples like visiting for their Honeymoon. 🙂

  3. I like your list, though i have not been to any of them yet. My honeymoon was in Kullu-Manali but now i have been to Australia and currently in the US.

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  7. All beautiful places that would make wonderful honeymoon locations!

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  9. All the beatfull place that would make wonderful honeymoon locations……thanks for sharing

  10. Awesome information. I like this blog so much. Run into the sea hand in hand with your newlywed partner and let yourself unwind in the cozy warmth at these Asian honeymoon destinations. Honeymoon Destinations in Asia are Bali, Maldives, Thailand, and many more.

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