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It has been quite some months since I had been writing and one of those crazy mornings when I opened my mail to see one from this new social media channel called Showzee. Initially I thought it would be pretty much like other social channels where I could promote a link and get some readers in the bargain but Showzee proved to be not just that, but a lot more.
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Here are 5 things that I love about Showzee and would recommend to all my friends, including fellow bloggers – 

1) Pictures on Showzee that bring your experience alive

Showzee is all about bringing your experience or story alive with pictures. Where it scores over Facebook is that it is not just a random stream of pictures but a slide-show format that allows you a short description of what, why and where the picture was taken. Each picture can be described in a paragraph, which really brings alive a story. Here is one of mine on Showzee

This is a lovely feature not just for travelers like me but also, for foodies who would want to share recipes by way of pictures, photographers who would love to explain the techniques of photography, fashion designers who can put together a complete look and more. The possibilities for each of you, based on your interests is endless. 

2) Dedicated Interest Channels

Unlike the regular Facebook, Twitter or other Social Channels, you can browse Showzee and add followers based on your interests. It is not a jumbled up newsfeed where food stories get mixed with travel or photography or fashion or something that does not really interest you. 

3) Social Sharing

I like the way Showzee does not alienate Facebook, Twitter or Google. After you have created your Showzee, you can actually, share it using these sites- with your friends and family, allowing you a better and wider audience. You can also. decide on your privacy options – where you can limit your Showzee audience to your followers and family or leave it open to public.

4) 2-Way conversations

Showzee allows your audience to have meaningful conversations with you. People don’t have to like (or spark as in Showzee) your comment to send you a message. This encourages a 2-way conversation, which frankly, are quite interesting and informative.

5) Traffic through links

Yes, I won’t lie for traffic on my website does matter. Showzee has been giving me some decent followers on my blog, thanks to their feature of adding links to any description in Showzee. I realize people do get intrigued by the pictures and click on the link to my site for more information and suggestions. At the end of it, for me as a blogger, getting new audience really helps and makes me also, feel appreciated. As most say, my blog does breathe on your comments. 🙂

So, if I have intrigued you enough, go on and try out Showzee for yourself. For a story in pictures is always a good thing. 🙂

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  1. Good one. will check it out.

  2. Nice information Ami 🙂

  3. oh wow, another social media for travelers. having live links is good, a feature that unfortunately Instagram doesn't have..

  4. I'll definitely check this out!

  5. Oh I didn't know about it! Quite helpful & interesting.

  6. Ami, sounds interesting. I will (hopefully) check Showzee out though truth to tell I am finding it hard to cope with all the various social channels….it's becoming a pressure all by itself. I wish someone else would do the social channels updating for me:)

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing Ami.Will look into it.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  8. Am sure you will find it interesting Indrani

  9. Thanks Anjali. Try it out

  10. Absolutely. Am sure you will find it useful.

  11. Yep and let me know what you think

  12. Thanks Nisha. Try it out. Am sure you will find it interesting

  13. I kinda tend to agree but well, it is a necessary thing for us bloggers 😀

  14. Thanks Sriram and Krithiga

  15. Looks great!! I love your blog, thank you for all your tips and advice 🙂 click here

  16. Sure….you are welcome

  17. Showzee is something I had not heard of. What I liked about it is the 2 way-conversation bit. Will check out for more details and how it can be used.

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